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How to Feng Shui for Fertility


Couples having trouble conceiving may want to consider moving their beds. Feng Shui may be a helpful augmentation for treatments for infertility. The energy in the home can make a significant difference in the ability to conceive a child, and the approach makes sense from a medical perspective as well.

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Stress and Infertility

Women who are under considerable stress can have difficulty becoming pregnant. Feng Shui can help by creating an environment that is conducive to relaxation. It achieves this in a number of ways, including psychological factors as well as the natural flow of energy in the home. When deep relaxation alleviates the stress of infertility, the chances of becoming pregnant may increase.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Simple strategies to create a room that is conducive to conception include positioning the bed to prevent the couple’s feet from facing the door. Including sentimental images of the couple and removing dried flowers and potpourri from the area are also believed to help. Some suggest using a water fountain to “unlock” the home, but it is important to keep water fountains and images of water out of the bedroom.

While many people find storing items under the bed to be very convenient, it can be counterproductive when you are trying to conceive. Feng Shui experts suggest removing everything from under the bed. They also suggest avoiding the urge to clean under the bed while you are trying to conceive.

The Entire Home

While the bedroom is typically the major area of focus when learning, the entire home comes into play. Creating an environment that is welcoming to a new life should involve the entire living space. This begins with the front door of the home.

Just as you want to use the front door to welcome guests and visitors, you also want to use this space to welcome the energy of a new baby. Nothing should be blocking the front door of the house. Things that may block the area include decorative plants that are growing into the space.

Outdoors Matter

Those who know about Feng Shui are usually familiar with “poison arrows” that relate to pointy edges. These edges are easy to find in the home but they may be hidden outdoors as well. The problem with the poison arrows is that they send energy into the home that can interfere with the positive energy flow you are trying to create. Many attribute poison arrows to bad luck.

Removing the sharp edges pointing toward your home can be challenging. Many people rely on soft plants and landscaping to redirect the energy flowing from the pointy edges. Look for trees and plants that may have sharp edges. Simple pruning them down can alleviate the problem.

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