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Getting Rid Of Body Odor


No one likes the thought that they smell, but for many people, that horrible thought is their reality. Body odor is a fact of life, and some people seem to struggle with it more than others. Not only is it really off-putting for the people that are around them, it is really embarrassing for those people that have it, and it can cause a huge loss of self-confidence. Thousands of people across the world struggle with body odor, and it is fast becoming more and more of a problem as we start to live and work in smaller and smaller spaces. So what can you do to get rid of body odor?

Many people wonder where on earth body odor comes from, and the simple answer is: from us! When we get angry, stressed, or just plain too hot, then our body will release water to try to reduce our temperature. This is what we call sweat, and there are certain areas of our bodies that have more and bigger sweat glands, such as underneath our arms and around our groins. If this sweat stays in those areas for hours and hours, then the sweat will start to attract bacteria – and it is that bacteria which gives off the ripe smell that we call body odor. The longer you don’t wash, the more bacteria can grow, and the more your body odor will increase.

Thankfully, body odor can be completely eliminated and removed, as long as you know what you are doing. The trouble is that not every single person has the same source of body odor: it is not so simple as just washing more regularly. That means that before you even think of getting rid of your uncomfortable body odor, you are going to need to identify exactly which source or sources are the ones giving you body odor – and then you can follow these useful and simple instructions to get rid of your body odor.

There are many other complications that can occur that contribute to body odor. Some fabrics, such as lace, polyester, or any mad made synthetic fabrics, naturally cling to body odor and sweat. This means that even after you have removed the terrible smell from your own body, the clothes that you were wearing will probably still smell – and the smell will be almost impossible to remove. That is a pain, but it is possible to do something about it. Many people swear by rubbing slices of lemon on the underarms of the clothes that smell, but as this will also bleach them, it will only work on white clothing. Another great tip is to put them in a sealed bag with dry tea bags. The tea will naturally draw out the bad scents. Instead of wearing these man made fabrics, you should wear instead more natural fabrics such as cotton.

Remember, you are what you eat! You should never under estimate the way that the smells of your food come out in the way that you sweat, and that means that you should take a careful look at what you are eating to make sure that you are not eating badly and making your body odor smell even worse. Many people know that garlic and onions can make your breathe smell bad, but did you know that they can also make your sweat smell worse? Moreover, seemingly innocent foods such as broccoli can make your sweat smell bad before any bacteria even gets to it! Removing these foods from your diet will make an immediate difference to your body odor problems.

If you have struggled with body odor in the past, then you are undoubtedly already washing yourself at least once a day in the attempt to prevent yourself from developing it. However, for many people who struggle with odor issues, normal soap just is not going to be enough. You should consider trying out an antimicrobial soap, which will kill off the vast majority of the bacteria that is causing those smells. You may want to carry about some antimicrobial wipes with you as well, so that you are able to freshen up throughout your day.

Some areas of your body will need blasting more often, but that does not mean that it has to be boring. In fact, in some ways you can learn to treat it like a luxury! Our feet have more sweat glands than almost any other part of our body, and that means that you will need to blitz your feet every now and again to ensure that your feet are not the culprits of your body odor. You do not need to do anything complicated or expensive: just get some warm salty water in a foot bath, and settle down in front of a good film. The salt in the warm water will kill off the bacteria that are living on your feet.

If none of these seem to be working, fear not: there are still things that you can try to ensure that you do not have bad body odor. There are two really great medicinal ointments that you can use to not only remove the bad smells, but hopefully to prevent them from every developing. Tea tree oil has been used by people for a variety of reasons for thousands of years, because it is a natural source of anti-septic. That means that you can dab it underneath your arms to completely sterilise and clean you up. You can then use witch hazel. This is often used to treat bruises, but it has another incredible property: it actually changes the pH of your skin! That means that your skin will become a very inhospitable place for bacteria, which means that they will not be even able to grow there in the first place!

Keeping these tips and hints in your daily and weekly schedule will mean that your body odor can be successfully removed. Never again will you have to worry that the person sniffing around you is actually sniffing you!


  1. Alley Mary

    Interesting article. I hesitate to admit that I do have a problem with this. I just have to make sure I shower everyday and wash my shirts and dresses every time I wear them. Unfortunately this is hard on the fabric and things wear out faster, but it can’t be helped. I have found that spending a little more on my deodorant is totally worth it, as the cheap stuff hardly works for me. Since I’m diligent about all this, I don’t feel like I smell, but I wish I didn’t have the problem. One more thing, garlic is the worst. Even if you can’t smell it on yourself, other people can. I steer clear. Thanks for some good tips.

  2. Penny

    Thanks for sharing these — BO is the worst. Any advice for sweat that turns shirt armpits yellow?

  3. Tabitha

    These are some great tips, many of which I haven’t heard. I never would have thought to use witch hazel to reduce bacteria! What a wonderful article, and very helpful!

  4. Aurora

    Had no idea that garlic can make your sweat smell worse and didn’t even stop to think that our sweat has the smell of what we eat. It makes sense but I didn’t consider this until now. So, eating fruits or veggies should, in theory, help us have a pleasant smell, right?

  5. Patricia Roland

    This is such a great article. It is especially necessary because a lot of people spend a lot of time working out trying to make their bodies look a certain way and they neglect the chemistry that is taking place inside their bodies.

    I learned a new tip about tea tree oil in this post. Normally, I just make sure I take a shower twice a day with a gentle, hypoallergenic soap, wash my face twice a day and apply a light toner, and make sure I’m washing my clothes regularly to combat unwanted odors. That works for me, but you can never have too many helpful tips. 🙂

    • Gautam

      Both baking soda and borax remvoe odors from garment fibers. Add between 1/2 -2/3 cup depending on the size of the load and let the garments soak along with your regular detergent for an hour or so. You can also add vinegar (about 1 cup) to the rinse water for fabric softening and odor removal. Don’t worry the smell dissapates.

  6. Harriett

    Tea Tree oil is amazing!! I use it for so many things. Also great for using around the house for cleaning. An incredible natural disenfectant, tea tree oil and water will kill those bacteria. You can use it with a little towel and wipe under your arms. I have also used witchhazel in the past. This also makes a good facial skin toner for anybody who has bad acne.

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