Saturday, June 6, 2020

How To Love & Accept Yourself To Lose Weight


Anything that comes in through the senses is also regarded as “food”for the body and therefore affects one’s mental, emotional and physical health” – Smriti Srinivas

The primary culprit in not “feeding” ourselves well comes through the mind, from the way we think and talk about ourselves… even if we’re the only ones listening! Especially since we’re the one’s listening.

Feeling good about yourself is the FOUNDATION for improving your life! Our good feelings have the biggest impact on food, eating and the way we relate to our bodies.

We are all constantly in dialogue with ourselves… But how do you talk to yourself?

Are you wanting your life to improve?

Do you want to feel more important cared for and loved…?

To a large extent, transforming your body and health is about transforming your life.

It takes a mindfulness to be aware of what you’re telling yourself about yourself. Most of us are so hard and judgemental towards ourselves, that if we were aware of our subtle inner dialogue, we’d probably punch ourselves in the face because it’s so mean and rejecting..

It’s important to come to a point of stopping the judgement and fully accepting and appreciating yourself and being comfortable with your body exactly as it is right now. Look at your body with caring loving eyes. Note first the areas you appreciate. When it comes to a part of your body you would love to improve, simply see it and make a note of it constructively, rather than beating up on yourself.

Then, make every effort to not complain about how your body looks. Instead apply this technique from Jon Gabriel.

Technique: Anytime that you have a negative thought do not dwell on it. Simply say: “I acknowledge you and I accept you”, then feel the thought instantly dissolve. Concentrate on the relief and relaxation that your body feels as it releases tension from each and every cell.

I just read that only 5% of women say they never think about their weight. More of us are unhappy with our bodies and on diets than ever before. The latest research shows 65% of women went on diets last year – an all-time high.

I really want to help women get out of the self-judgement..and get into embracing ALL of who they are. End of story!!  But on this topic specifically around their bodies and whether they’re eating “good ” food or “bad” food. I want to help YOU be the expert on YOU.

It doesn’t mean you can’t change what you don’t like.. it just means the change comes form a place of love and acceptance of YOURSELF as you are now. Out of this “ feel good” state, real and permanent change comes. And the most aligned action for you to take becomes clear.

Spring is nearly here and the Energy of spring is a movement of “rising”. Along with that comes an awareness of where the “stuckness” is.. so if you’re feeling the need for a  re-boot of your body, health and energy , look out for my Spring Cleanse coming up  15 September..


  1. Gloria

    It all starts here I think. When we love ourselves that is when we have the willpower to change ourselves. Without liking ourselves, with low self esteem, we often cannot really get anywhere

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