Thursday, November 26, 2020

How to Make a Homemade Steam Bath


It would be fantastic if you could just go shut yourself away for a nice long bath and lose weight in the process. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a bath that will make you lose weight. There are, however, types of baths that can help you in your efforts. It’s important to know the difference between the two.


How it Work

You will not lose weight simply by taking a certain type of bath – unfortunately. However, you can aid the process with certain types of baths – particularly a steam bath.

A steam bath relieves tension and stress. Stress can cause your body to resist losing weight, no matter how hard you work at it. When you relieve the stress, the weight starts coming off easier and faster. This is a proven fact, and is especially true for belly fat. Steam baths also improve the circulation, which is also essential for weight loss. Additionally, a steam bath will open your pores and help to remove impurities in the skin, and to relieve sinus congestion.

How to Make The Bath

You don’t have to visit a spa or a health club for a steam bath. Start by rolling up a towel and placing it in front of your closed bathroom door to keep the air in the room. Close all of the vents and windows in the bathroom. Block the drain in the tub with a stopper, and turn on the shower, using only hot water.

Allow the tub to fill about halfway with hot water, steaming up the bathroom in the process. Add just enough cold water later so that you can comfortably get into the tub without burning yourself. You now have a bath, or steam bath, of your very own. Remember that water temperature for the bath isn’t nearly as important as the amount of steam in the room.

Other Things to Add to Your Baths

Enjoy your bath. Include some nice music and candles. Use a good loofah and your favorite soap. Soak in the tub and the steam filled room for at least twenty minutes, and while you are there, breathe deeply, allowing that steam to penetrate your lungs. Don’t be surprised if this causes you to cough more, as this is just a sign that the steam is cleaning out your lungs. Alternate between breathing in through your mouth and out through your mouth, and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth for the best results.

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