Saturday, January 16, 2021

Introduce Yoga Into Your Life


Yoga is one of those exercise styles that you don’t get until you “get” it. People who consider themselves avid exercisers and use the outdoor terrain and gym as their primary locales to get fit (a.k.a. cardio junkies) often dismiss the restorative quality of yoga as passive.

While the approach to fitness is different than what they are used to (though some yoga fusions incorporate HIIT principles, such as XY) yoga can provide health benefits that other practices cannot. Flexibility and stretching are integral in many sports- the more limber you are the easier it will be to sprint and change direction. Professional athletes are beginning to see the benefits in adding yoga to their regimen, which is effecting a change in mindset across the fitness world.

If you already participate in a rigorous exercise routine, a more calming style of yoga is one to investigate. Calming your mind, lengthening your body, and restoring health to your overall structure are not as easy as you might think. Here are some practices that you should consider:

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is invigorating but not because of the difficulty of the poses. This practices focuses on unleashing energy by providing a fluid string of movement. Holding poses is not easy by a long shot, though, and will require a dedication to legwork.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga focuses on form above everything else. Body positioning and pose mastery are at the base of this style.

Bikram Yoga

Often called Hot yoga, Bikram yoga takes you through a series of 26 posses that are repeated in succession. What makes this style unique is that the poses are performed in a room that is heated to over 100°. The heat combined with effort aids in weight loss.

Sivananda Yoga

This calming meditative style focuses on breathing, exercise, diet, a positive outlook on life, and relaxation. This practice actively boosts vitality and fosters a mind/body connection. There are twelve poses in Sivananda yoga. This practice is designed for those interested in more than just physical movement, but also in spiritual release.

Yoga is not as easy as some people may think. Achieving strides in a yoga practice requires attentiveness, muscle strength, stamina, and perseverance. Try a yoga practice and make it part of your routine for a month. You can do it just about anywhere… in your living room, at yoga studio, or even on the beach!

Don’t worry about mastering anything: you will improve as you continue to do it. The changes you will see in your physical, mental, and spiritual health will surprise you.


  1. Marcus

    Story sounds very fmaaliir to me I have alot of the same feelings I took myself off of prednisone because.. did get me too..50 pounds I simply can’t lose a body shape that I don’t recognize.. I too, was always tall and on the leaner side and yes very active. Even up to the day I was diagnosed with polymyositis Then the prednisone of 60mg a day. And I look in the mirror; I wonder who is it.. even after being off the the prednisone for 2 years. Docs say,,yeah..sometimes you never get rid of the side effects of prednisone..and the weight gain is very hard to kidding!Fortunately for me..I have learned to manage this disease without prednisone..but I still very much relate to your story This disease may weaken my muscles but it will not steal my joy So happy you have the joy of your child even though mine are grown..the joy of loved ones is what keeps it real for me. I find joy and happiness in them.. and take in as much as I can on my good days..that gives me a reserve to cope and stay joyful on the not so good ones! On those days I meditate on the joy of the good days I can be out and about!Take in all the joy of your little one you can! That joy you feel will take you a long way on your journey with a hard to deal with, very misunderstood disease! Deb

  2. Gina

    I think Bikram Yoga would be a nono for me as I get intolerant and moody in heat above 80 degrees.
    I am lucky to have a friend whom is a Yoga instructor and understand how Yoga can be very beneficial for a person’s health.

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