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How to Purge Your Space


What does this Have to do with losing weight?

Purging your space and de-cluttering is actually the first step in cleansing your body and losing weight. Your physical living and working space are a reflection of your state of mind. It’s also true that when your kitchen is full of junk food that doesn’t make it any easier to lose weight, either…

So, let’s de-clutter!

Let go of the clutter and you will let go of the fat. As you purge your space, the weight will fall away. De-clutter to have more energy and motivation to lose weight. You will now be in control of your life. As a result you’ll even find it will give you the motivation to lose weight.

You need to de-clutter your physical space just like you need to detox your body to shed unhealthy pounds.

It’s very hard to think clearly in a cluttered environment. To stay focused on your goal of losing weight, we strongly recommend you start by cleaning and purging your kitchen and all the other rooms in your house or apartment.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed by starting with your outer world, and then making the changes inside too!

Healthy weight loss is all about lifestyle change.

Picture how much more relaxing it will be to come home every day to a clean, organized, clutter-free home.

We often acquire physical possessions to substitute for unmet emotional needs. Is going to the mall your most common family outing? Are you in the habit of shopping just because it’s something to do? Does your mall outing include a stop at the Food Court?

Do you really need or want all that stuff cluttering your space and closets? Break the cycle of acquiring possessions to satisfy emotional needs.

Time to purge your space, lose weight, and live your life!

Recapture the Purpose for Each Room

Each room in your home should have a clear purpose. Any items in that room that do not fit with that purpose need to be removed. This process will take time – after all, you didn’t acquire these possessions overnight.

You will feel invigorated and liberated by each room or closet that you successfully tackle. Each de-cluttering session will become easier. You will be eager to purge your space once you see and feel the benefits.

Of course your kitchen is most important to your weight loss goals. Create a kitchen that has clear countertops with plenty of space for preparing food. A pantry stocked with healthy foods that are easily located for any recipe.

An organized refrigerator full of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. A comfortable, uncluttered eating area. Imagine how you will look forward to preparing and consuming healthy food in this environment!

Purge Your Kitchen

The kitchen is more closely tied to your weight than any other room in your house. Purge your kitchen to make room for the new, healthy food you will be buying.

Strive for a kitchen that is clutter-free, where you look forward to preparing and eating healthy meals.

The most difficult part of purging your kitchen is going to be throwing or giving away the multitude of kitchen gadgets, special food preparation devices, and gifts that you have accumulated.

Let’s face it, if you haven’t used it in 6 months, you probably won’t. Just because your favorite Aunt Jenny gave you that food processor for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to keep it if you never use it. Give it away to someone who wants it, or to Goodwill if necessary. Lose the guilt and lose the weight. It’s more important that you have a clear space to work your food magic!

Start with the food preparation area. Your goal should be clear counter space, easily accessible cutting boards, sharp knives, and different sizes of bowls. If you really use that slicer/dicer, fine, but if you don’t, get rid of it!

Next make sure you have high quality, clean pots and pans that are neatly stacked or on racks above the stove. Quantity is not as important as quality since the goal is to have uncluttered space. Do you really need three 2 quart sauce pans with different finishes? Maybe if you are a gourmet cook, but for most of us, no.

Tackle the pantry next. Put aside half a day because the first thing you are going to do is take everything out and clean all of the surfaces. As you are taking things out, discard anything that is outdated, heavily processed, made with trans fats, infested, moldy, or of no nutritional value.

Read the ingredients. If there is something you don’t recognize, throw it out. It is much better to purchase fresh ingredients if you need something for a particular recipe than take a chance that something is toxic or unhealthy.

Once you have your pantry purged and cleaned, evaluate the layout. Do you need more or fewer shelves in order to optimize the space you have? Now is the time. Then you can re-shelve the (probably few) items you are retaining and you will have plenty of space for the new, healthy, fresh food you will be buying. Be efficient, organize and purge your kitchen at the same time.

Next is the refrigerator. Same drill – take everything out and clean. As you are removing things, pay particular attention to condiments and salad dressings that tend to languish for years. They also likely contain chemical additives. Throw them away. Keep only fresh fruits and vegetables and other items that are healthy and unprocessed.

Finally, the freezer is also a necessary step to purge your kitchen. You may think those Lean Cuisines you bought on sale are a great alternative to pigging out when you get home late from work. But take a minute and look at the ingredients. They are not part of your new healthy lifestyle. They will sabotage your weight loss. In the meal planning section you will learn it is better to plan ahead for quickly re-heatable meals.

Always have on hand the ingredients for scrumptious salads you can throw together, humus to pair with raw veggies or organic crackers, and wholesome soups, for example. Much better than Lean Cuisines and so-called Healthy Choice meals. See Products We Love for some frozen foods like Boca burgers to have in your freezer for emergencies.

Take a deep breath and congratulate yourself once your kitchen is finished. You will likely feel less fat already, certainly less cluttered, and maybe you were so enthused you even forget to snack!

The next most important room to tackle is your bedroom. Create a bedroom conducive to restful sleep and intimate conversations with your significant other. Purging your bedroom space may even liven up your sex life! Ready to tackle your closets?

Purge Your Bedroom

Purging your bedroom and make it the sanctuary you deserve. It should be the room where your relationship thrives. A peaceful retreat, conducive to restful sleep and relaxing baths.

A bedroom cluttered with dirty laundry, closets overflowing with clothes you seldom wear or that no longer fit, or exercise equipment you never use is making you fat.

Start with the furniture. Getting enough sleep is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Is it time to replace your mattress or bedding? What about that desk? Is the bedroom really where you should be working or paying bills? Purge your bedroom of any furniture that doesn’t fit in to your vision of a relaxing, intimate space.

Now tackle the closets. Closets are like magnets. No matter how large they are, somehow they attract enough stuff to fill them. Get rid of anything that does not fit, is out of style, has some lame sentimental value, or is shabby.

Are you ever really going to wear those shoes with the broken heel? Or the ugly sweater you got from your Mom for Christmas? Do you really need 30 suits now that your workplace has gone business casual?

What about the 20 tacky T-shirts from various vacation spots that seemed like “got to have” souvenirs at the time? Purging your bedroom means getting rid of clothes holding you back from reaching your weight loss goals.

What about seasonal clothes? If you didn’t wear something last season, what are you saving it for? Give it away. It will be liberating.

Don’t just purge your closets until they are not overflowing. Leave empty space for the new clothes you will be buying to fit your slim, new body. Realize this will not be easy. But the old clothes are not helping. They are inhibiting the lifestyle changes that you need to make to losing weight sustainable.

Some people get very emotional during this process. Take that as a sign that you are purging your bedroom of emotional baggage that has been holding you back in other areas, be it physically with your health and weight, or even with success in your career or relationships.

Congratulate yourself when you are finished purging your bedroom. Get out a couple of scented candles and take a hot, relaxing bath. Your mornings will be so much calmer now that you can easily put together outfits that fit and look great on you.

Purge Your Entire House

Purge every room in your house, including your garage. None of your physical space should be cluttered. Lose the stuff and you can focus wholeheartedly on losing the weight.

Often we throw up our hands at the thought of trying to organize our kids’ bedrooms. But don’t neglect them. Purge their space too. Don’t your children deserve bedrooms that reflect their imaginations and personalities? Where they feel loved and nurtured? Won’t they benefit from more restful and restorative sleep in a de-cluttered environment?

If your kids do homework in their bedrooms, won’t they study better if everything they need is neat and organized? Based on their capabilities, enlist your kids to help and they will experience a sense of accomplishment and pride in their new, de-cluttered surroundings.

The family room is where you gather to spend quality time together. Wouldn’t you be more likely to play a game with your kids or watch a movie with your spouse if the family room was clutter-free? Recall the purpose you outlined for the family room and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit in with that purpose.

The living room is where you entertain guests. It should be a room you are proud of showing off, with some interesting art or an intriguing coffee table book. The furniture does not have to be expensive, but make sure it is classy. Always keep the living room clean and neat. You never know when you might want to invite over a friend or colleague (or that cute guy across the street).

Buy some fresh flowers every week for the living room. A touch of beauty will brighten your home.

Go through the books in your house. Are there some that your kids have outgrown? Wouldn’t it be better to give them away for another child to enjoy? What about all of those bestsellers you are unlikely to read again? Donate them to the library. And the diet books you wasted money on? You won’t be needing those any more….

Your bathrooms, especially the master bath, say a lot about you. Is your bathroom stuffed with beauty items or old ratty towels? Are the counters covered with cosmetics? Do you have 10 years worth of old prescriptions in your medicine cabinet?

Throw away any products you have not used in the past 6 months, and any medications or over the counter drugs that are past their expiration date. Old towels are always welcome by animal shelters. Replace moldy shower curtains and ancient toothbrushes. Your bathrooms should be easily cleanable, and that means as little as possible on countertops.

What about the garage? Can you actually fit cars in your garage? If you can, congratulations, you are among the minority! If not, think about why it makes sense that one of your priciest possessions is left exposed to the elements instead of protected in the garage?

Your garage is likely another place where strong emotions will crop up as you purge. Maybe you associate some of the clutter in your garage with memories of good times. Remember all of that old dirty stuff is holding you back. Get rid of it, and make sure whatever is left is stuff you actually use and that it is clean and easily accessible. Clear enough space for your cars. Hire one of the organizer companies to put in new shelving if necessary.

You will not be able to purge every room in a few days. Be diligent. The results will be worth it. Celebrate and reward yourself when you have finished. Isn’t it relaxing to come home to a clutter-free house? Now you have a space to focus on your weight loss goals, away from junk food and other things that cause to take your off this key purpose.

Now what?

Congratulations on purging your space! Celebrate this achievement as the “turning over a new leaf” that it is. But then keep in mind this is an ongoing process. Your physical space has a way of gathering clutter quickly, so designate a regular time every week to walk through your house and reorganize and purge.

Now you can replace the time you formerly spent shopping for more “stuff” with other activities that fit in with your new healthy lifestyle and quest to lose weight for life.

How about taking a walk with your spouse? Or helping your kids with a school project? Or calling that old friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with? Or making a shopping list of the healthy foods you need to fill those blank spaces in your pantry and refrigerator? Or preparing a colorful healthy meal?

You now have a clear and cleansed space that will help you stick to your goals. This is the first step in your journey and one that you should come back to, so you can keep your space clear and cleansed.

My name is Bella and I am a weight loss retreat leader who runs retreats around the world. Often working alongside well-known retreat leader Sophie Jones. I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off by adopting a whole food, plant-based diet. My blog posts are about how I did it. Please note I am not a medical doctor and my advice is what has worked for me and my retreat clients, try it out, maybe it will work for you too! Contact me on:

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