Saturday, September 19, 2020

How to Relieve Stress Naturally (10 Steps)


When you’re stressed out nothing seems simple. Learn how to apply these stress relieving techniques that can reduce your stress level fast, and naturally!

1. Release built-up frustration!

If you’re upset or angry, or you feel tension, do something physical. Take a walk, or go jogging. Grab a friend and play some tennis. Or maybe your garden needs some weeds yanked out! Any physical activity helps you control the “fight” impulse, and the “flight” urge, thus relieving the emotional or mental tension, a great stress technique.

2. One Step and One Thing at a Time!

Trying to do a dozen things at once usually means “they won’t get done” or “they won’t get done right.” Take a time out and focus on doing one thing at a time. Go over your task list in your mind, get a pen and paper. Write your tasks down and prioritize your list. Then relax for a few minutes with your favorite drink before tackling your list.

3. Talk About It!

Sometimes you just need to talk. Find someone you trust and can “let your hair down” with. If it’s not something you can tell a friend or family member, that’s okay. It could be a minister, a doctor, or a counselor. When you need to really let it out, you need the guidance that a professional can give you.

4. Acceptance of the Unchangeable!

A lot of problems are beyond our power of control. We tend to beat our head against a brick wall at these times. It’s not human nature to easily accept “uncontrollable” events. Accept what cannot be changed and move forward.

5. Getting sufficient rest and sleep!

Not enough rest or sleep lessens our abilities in dealing with tension. Most people need at least 7-8 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. Consult your doctor if tension or stress is causing insomnia.

6. Help yourself by helping someone else!

A great tension reducer is in helping someone else out. You stop thinking about yourself and you’re doing a good deed in turn.

7. Relax and let go!

Those are words we usually hate to hear. One source of stress comes from other people. Letting them be the victor isn’t so mind boggling. Go with the flow and let yourself relax!

8. Pass on self-medication!

Treating yourself with medication to relieve stress is dangerous. Chemicals, including alcohol, may seem to alleviate the stress, but they do not help you to cope with the stress. Many chemical substances are habit-forming! Consult your doctor first.

9. Balancing Life with Recreation and Work!

“All work and no play” is not a good strategy to live by! The mind needs recreation just as the body does. Include enough time off in your schedule to relax or loaf. Enjoy life.

10. Be available!

Do you get stressed from being bored, feeling unwanted or in a time warp? Get moving and let people know that you want to do something different and have some fun. You never know if you like something until you try it so get out and try it!

The best stress relieving techniques are those that are easy to use, fast to learn, and simple to apply.

These techniques can help you control your stress, allowing life to be far more fun and enjoyable! So whenever you feel stressed out, just remember these simple steps.

Often just getting a good night’s sleep first and allowing your mind and body to relax and release tension can be enough to flip things into a positive light.

Whenever feeling negative, go and get some relaxation first, even go for a massage! — whatever it takes. Before making any decisions about the next step that you will take.

Loretta works with clients dealing with stress in their lives. Through the use of stress management techniques and practical methods, Loretta has helped many overcome stress and live healthier, happy lives.

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