Sunday, August 18, 2019

How to “Self-Treat” Your Social Anxiety


Taking a self-help approach to treating social anxiety disorder is the best way in my experience. I suffered with a real phobia to people and social settings for many years of my life and eventually I realised how to treat it myself.

It seems overwhelming to be trying to overcome such a problem without the direct help of anyone else, but the truth is, you don’t need anyone else.

You can do this on your own – in fact other people’s help would only cause you problems. Here’s 5 reasons that your best shot at overcoming social anxiety will be by you becoming your own therapist:

1. Other people remind you about anxiety

Seeking help for social anxiety from other people (like psychologists) reminds you that you’re anxious.

My article why traditional social anxiety treatments don’t work shows you that by discussing your anxiety, you help to make the problem worse. Psychologists encourage discussing your anxiety, and so you’re better off without them.

2. You can go at your own pace

Pressure from others, in my experience, doesn’t help. It needs to be you that decides when you’re ready to make certain moves. If that’s in 3 months then so be it – you can wait that long for you, but a psychologist won’t.

The only person willing to do what needs to be done, when it suits you, is you, so you’re the one best for treating social phobia in yourself.

3. Your case of social anxiety is unique to you

If I help you to become your own psychologist, you’ll have become the best psychologist in the world for treating you; because hey, who knows you better than you do?!

My upcoming How To Beat Social Anxiety system will kinda train you to become your own psychologist. It is a role you can play. 

Don’t worry about credentials like degrees and such. If you know your stuff (and I’ll make sure you do!), that’s good enough.

4. It’s cheap compared to traditional ways
of treating social anxiety disorder

Common ways of treating anxiety disorders cost thousands. There’s no need to spend all that money, when there’s a better solution for overcoming social anxiety, available at a fraction of the cost.

5. You can become strong enough to do this

It takes a brave person to start treating social phobia alone. Strength to be brave is a decision – not a condition. If you decide you’re strong enough, then you will be. If you decide you’re not, then you’re not.

Treating this disorder alone is, at the beginning, about realizing your ability to take matters into your own hands.

This is so doable! I’ve done it and I know you can too – because you’re no worse or better than I am.

Time To Start Treating
Social Anxiety Disorder By Yourself

Mental health professionals mean well. They want to help, but their help is limited. The best solution is to start with the plan to overcome your social anxiety without help. You can do this!

Emily Murdoch
Hi I write about health and fitness for women! You may contact me at

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