Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The 2 Keys To Making The Change To Eating Raw


Awareness & Compassion

On your road to greater health and awesome energy, celebrate your every little improvement and NEVER beat yourself up. It’s normal to go one step forward, two back, and four forward one back. However it plays out, remember don’t beat yourself up, every day’s a new day. Most important, don’t buy into self- rejection, especially if it’s a pattern of yours. Instead, be curious about it. Let yourself feel the physical feeling of it, but with no story. Don’t tell yourself anything about it. Just observe and allow the feeling. I know I’m making this sound easier than it can be. No one said the path to self-freedom would be without a bit of work. And believe me this is the work of your life. Who would you be without your judgments and labels? All areas of our life are good places for these to show up but our relationship to food can be particularly charged for some people.

Remember compassion for yourself and increasing your self-awareness will get you there faster than you think. Become curious about what makes you eat what and when. Food can be one of those things we use to distract ourselves from feeling. A feeling starts to arise and before you know it you’re reacting by eating something, with no chance to discover what that feeling is. This can be very subtle. The truth is most eating is emotional. If we ate purely to fuel our bodies, with the best fuel possible, we would possibly be consuming a completely different diet. Never beat yourself up around food. Tomorrow is another day, celebrate every small change. We control our energy a lot with food, but even more so with resistance in the form of self-rejection.

Approach the change to a raw lifestyle in the spirit of giving to youself rather than depriving yourself.  I found for example, replacing coffee with a green smoothie, reduced my cravings for sugar. This worked better for me than denying myself sugar. Instead I added a delicious drink.

Our body/mind is inextricably connected, so changing our habitual eating patterns is bound to show up our emotional eating. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to your freeing up of your energy, not to make yourself wrong. No food creates as much acidity in your body as negative thoughts.

Keep your goal in front of you. Find a picture from a magazine of a person who represents abundant radiant health and beauty.

As you raise your level of vitality, whether you start with food, emotions, thoughts or embodiment, it doesn’t matter, you start with what is right in front of you. They are all connected so will flow on.  The more in touch you become with your body, mind and emotions, the easier it is to be carried into what you need, what will help you. Then suddenly you change your way of eating and it’s not so difficult. You just “ feel” like eating certain food. Life becomes more instinctual. You build trust in the process, which promotes more revelation of your body’s wisdom.

Commitment to the life you want and the picture you hold of yourself takes work in the beginning. It’s like moving a freight train. It takes commitment to yourself and determination and will to get it moving, but once it’s got traction the momentum builds until its momentum alone could carry it forward. You must maintain the connection because we’ve had such a long experience of disembodiment it’s easy to slip into. This, in my experience is an ongoing process. The practice of being present to what is at any point in time.

Whenever I have eaten something I know, lowers my energy, my favorites are bread and butter.. I take my own advice, of not beating myself up, instead I become curious about what was happening that caused me to make that choice. For me, it’s mostly because I’ve let myself get too hungry before eating or I’m tired. It’s all just learning and awareness. Look at it as Grist for the mill on your journey to a healthy, energetic radiant you.


Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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