Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How to Stop Vaginal Itch


If you are a woman, and you’ve experienced vaginal itching, you know how torturous it can be. Furthermore, if you are experiencing an ongoing vaginal itch, with no other sign of infection or problems, you may not be sure as to what should or could be done about it. Every woman in the world needs to know how to deal with it – fast.

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Change Your Clothing Style

You can have itchy feelings in the vagina and not have a yeast infection – or any other type of infection. Often, this is caused by your clothing. It could be the material that is used in the clothing that touches the vaginal area, but it could also be that the clothing fits too snuggly in this area.

Switch to different underwear – light colored cotton is always best. Think about the pants that you wear and make sure that they are not too tight, or rubbing you in a way that could cause the vaginal skin to become raw or to itch.

Shave the Vaginal Area

Sometimes pubic hair can be the cause of your vagina to itch. You could have ingrown hairs, but hair is also a great hiding place for bacteria that could cause itching. You do not have to shave all of the hair off. Instead, you could just trim it so that it is much shorter.

Be aware that if you shave the hair from the vaginal area, when it starts to grow back, there will be itching. Therefore, trimming is always better than shaving – otherwise, you haven’t really cured the itch. Instead, you’ve only changed the cause of the itching.

Choose Products More Carefully

Be very choosey about the products that you use. Perfumes and vaginal sprays can irritate the area. If you have ultra sensitive skin, even the toilet paper that you use could cause itching.

You must also consider the soap that you use, laundry detergent that you use, and of course any sanitary napkins that you may use. All of these things have the potential to cause vaginal itching, and when they do, discontinuing use of the product that is causing the problem usually takes care of it.

If you’ve changed all of these things, but you still have an itchy vagina itching, or it’s occurring more often, you will need to see your doctor. Even if there is no other sign of an infection, an infection may still exist, and antibiotics may be required.

Gloria Brown
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