Monday, January 25, 2021

How To Use Tape To Enhance Breasts


The psychology of the world today is that women and their bodies, particularly their breasts are supposed to defy gravity and be shapely, attractive, and perky, even as we age. Society tells us this in movies we see, magazines we read and products we buy. It would be false to say that the perception of looking “fit and trim and curvy” only applies to some women because we know that this is not the case. The majority of us do notice when one woman’s breast are sagging or lacking support compared to another woman who may have firm, stand at attention breasts that are well supported and look good in her clothes. This difference is like night and day.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you know that you and your body has not looked its best and you wished that you had proper fitting undergarments. Have you ever tried to wear a low cut or strapless shirt or thinly strapped gown only to find that your available options included choosing to go bra-less or having your bra straps show? One way to alleviate this moment of embattled decision making is to use tape to enhance your breasts, which takes minutes to do. Taping breasts became more popular when it was used by beauty pageant contestants. More and more women are now using this as a quick fix method to give themselves an instant breast enhancement, giving them more lift and more cleavage, prior to stepping out for an evening on the town.

woman looking at her breasts

Tips for Using Tape to Enhance Breasts

1/ When taping your breasts, the best tape to use is medical adhesive hypoallergenic waterproof tape. Do not attempt to do this using duct tape, it will not come off of your skin easily and will leave gummy residue behind that you’ll have to scrub off. Make sure that you are not allergic to the tape that you use. Medical adhesive tape can be purchased at your local drugstore or medical supply store.

2/ To recreate the band that typically supports the weight under your breasts, place one end of the tape about 2 ½ inches below the midline of one armpit and drape it underneath your breasts and up, mirroring the placement under the opposite armpit.

3/ Lastly, you should place another piece of tape on the lateral (outer) aspect of one breast, pulling it together and adhering the tape to the lateral aspect of the other breast.

There are ready-made products on the market that you can purchase that achieve this same quick breast lift goal but they are slightly more expensive then using medical adhesive tape alone. If you notice any itching or uncomfortable feeling then remove the tape and do not continue to wear.

Gloria Brown
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