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Hypnotherapy Certification Courses


Hypnotherapy is a very interesting field, and it can be quite lucrative. You do not need any other education to become a hypnotherapist, in most cases, but some states do have different requirements. In most cases, however, you can enter this field with hypnotherapy certification courses.

The most successful hypnotherapists – and the highest paid – will have a background, and usually a degree in psychology. Hypnotherapy is a service that they offer to their clients, usually as part of the client’s therapy. Many law enforcement offices work with hypnotherapists as well. As more states require insurance companies to cover hypnotherapy sessions, more people will seek this type of treatment.

Through hypnotherapy, many issues can be resolved. Some people become hypnotherapists to help others with specific situations, such as smoking, addictions, weight loss, and more. Hypnotherapy can be administered without administering therapy, and it can be quite effective. Most states require some form of licensing before you can advertise yourself as a hypnotherapist.

The more education you have, in terms of related fields, the more you can charge per session. The amount you can charge each client for each session ranges from $50 to $150, and this depends a great deal on the region you live in, as well as the demand for your services in that area – and of course whether or not there is a lot of competition. If your client has a positive experience, he or she will seek your services for other life issues again and again.

As a hypnotherapist, you need to be very skilled, and you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner. In this field, your reputation is everything. Depending on the state in which you live and work, you may need to be licensed, and you may need a certain number of coursework hours as well. While starting out in this field is easy if you already have a background in psychology, becoming successful is possible even without such a background, depending on many factors.

Course Name: Accelerated Hypnotherapy Training for Certification
Company Name: Hypnotherapy Academy of America
Location: 509 Camino de los Marquez, Suite 1, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Description: This is a state licensed school that offers 600 hours of hypnotherapy training. The program is held three times each year, and space is limited.

Course Name: Clinical Hypnotherapy Program – The American College of Hypnotherapy
Company Name: American Institute of Health Care Professionals
Location: 2400 Niles-Cortland Road S.E., Suite 3, Warren, Ohio, United States
Description: Completion of this program will enable you to meet the eligibility requirements for Hypnotherapist Certification through the ACH. The program includes 230 hours of continuing education.

Course Name: Career Training in Hypnotherapy
Company Name: Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Location: 4730 Alta Vista Avenue, Santa Rosa, California, United States
Description: This program is licensed through the state of California and the American Council of hypnotist Examiners, as well as the California State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Course Name: Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Programs
Company Name: New England Institute of Hypnotherapy
Location: P.O. Box 290696, Port Orange, Florida, United States
Description: This organization offers a wide range of hypnotherapy programs, which each last for either 100 hours or 200 hours. There is also a 400 Hour Master Clinical Hynotherapy Training Program offered.

Course Name: Various Hypnotherapy Training Programs
Company Name: Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training and Services
Location: 1431 Warner Avenue, Suite E., Tustin, California, United States
Description: The training programs offered through the Hypnosis Center include Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification, Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training, and Hypnosis Distance Training.

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