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Hypothyroidism Alternative Treatments (+Causes & Symptoms)


If you are feeling run down and weak, but there seems to be no other physical problems, you could be suffering from hypothyroidism. This condition affects the thyroid gland and makes the hormone that it produces less apparent in the body. Hypothyroidism can also cause other problems such as high cholesterol and raise the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

While the chance of getting hypothyroidism is more apparent in those who have a family history of it, people of any age can get the condition. It occurs more often in those over the age of 60, particularly in women.

Causes of Hypothyroidism

The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This is a condtion that causes the body’s immune system to attack the thyroid tissues. This results in poor hormone production for the thyroid gland. Other causes of the condition are due to radiation therapy for cancers, viral infections, and specific drugs such as lithium.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism occur slowly over time, so it takes some people many years before they realize that they can this condition. Symptoms include a feeling of weakness, tiredness, depression, dry skin, constipation, brittle nails, trouble thinking clearly, and in women the occurrence of heavy or irregular menstrual periods.

Alternative Treatments for Hypothyroidism

There are natural products on the market that advertise as being a therapeutic thyroid extract that will raise the level of hormones that the gland can produce. While doctors have not made an effort to do a major study on these natural substances, it has proven to work in many people who want to save money with their treatment as well as having a way to wean themselves from the natural medication in time. But these natural treatments still need to be monitored by a doctor in order to know if you are getting the right amount of hormone production to make up the lack of your thyroid.

Medical treatment is necessary when you realize that you have a problem with your thyroid. An imbalance of this particular hormone can put you at risk for other diseases, so your condition should be monitored by a doctor.

Often times medical treatment for hypothyroidism is as simple as the doctor prescribing a pill. This pill be make the patient feel better and help to balance the hormones in their body. But this pill must be taken every day for the rest of the person’s life and the amount of medication needs to be closely monitored by a doctor.

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