Thursday, October 29, 2020

Importance of Fish Oil during Pregnancy


While there have been no studies to indicate that damage can occur to you or to your baby due to a lack of essential fatty acids (EFAs) during pregnancy, there is plenty of evidence that show us the benefits of consuming enough healthy fats during pregnancy – for the baby and the mother.

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Why Fish Oil & Healthy Fats Are Important When Pregnant

When you get plenty of fish oil, you will find that your blood pressure is well controlled, as well as your cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that the mother benefits from fish oil with fewer instances of post natal depression. Additionally, women who get enough fish oil find that they have fewer backaches and other joint pain common to pregnancy.

The greatest benefit of fish oil during the pregnancy, however, is for the baby. Babies born to mother who consumed plenty of fish oil statistically have higher IQs. They also have better hand-eye coordination, and their vocabularies are better.


There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the consumption of many different types of fish during pregnancy due to the levels of mercury found in those fish. It is those same fish, however, that give us the greatest source for fish oil.

Fortunately, you no longer have to consume any fish at all to benefit from them. Fish oil is now sold in capsules, and these capsules are safe to take during pregnancy. Ideally, the fish oil capsule that you take will contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Omega 6 Fatty Acids. Both of these acids are produced from fish oil.

Talking to Your Doctor about Fish Oil Supplementation

It is important that you talk to your doctor openly and honestly before taking any type of supplement, including fish oil supplements. It is also important that your doctor be made aware of how much fish you consume, and what type of fish you eat while you are pregnant.

With this information, your doctor can accurately recommend or even prescribe fish oil capsules or other diet supplements that contain the amount of fish oil that you require for a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby with a great deal of brain power. When a supplement is suggested, it is important that you seek out high quality fish oil supplements. Not all fish oil capsules are created equally. Ask your doctor for brand suggestions.

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