Thursday, May 28, 2020

Importance of Stretching


Stretching helps the muscles, tendons and entire body recover after contracting through exercise or simply sitting down for long periods of time. Weight Loss Cleanse Co is more about just looking slim, — you should actually feel and be healthy, flexible and in great shape. Stretching helps in keeping your body young, with a good range of motion around the joints.

Without a balanced stretching routine the muscles can become permanently contracted and shortened, resulting in tightness and aches and pains, possibly resulting in an inability to stretch at all.

While a regular stretching routine keeps the muscles long, lean and flexible, releases tension, it has also been shown to correlate to a very healthy effect on the mind and clarity throughout the day.

Stretching as a Warm Up / Down

Stretching is a great warm up before and after your fitness routine. It warms your muscles and prepares your body for exercise.

After you exercise, it helps strengthen and flex your muscles. Make it part of your fitness routine to increase your suppleness, poise and dexterity.

You just finished your workout. Loosening up your muscles is the last thing on your mind!

You’re thinking, Wow…I got through my workout, do I really need to stretch?”

Yes… it benefits your body and your health!

Most aerobic and strength training programs naturally cause your muscles to contract and flex. The muscles need to be flexed after you workout. This helps prevent muscle cramping among other things.

Benefits of Stretching

Woman Stretching

It increases flexibility and better range of motion, which improves your performance. Bending and lifting become doable without the strain you would normally have.

It improves your circulation, which increases your blood flow. It improves your posture. When your muscles aren’t tight, it’s easier to maintain good posture and it helps eliminate discomfort.

It’s a great source of stress relief because it loosens up taut, stressed muscles. It enhances your coordination and allows your joints to move freely and in full range. This helps prevent injuries and falls by giving you better poise.

Another great benefit for sports enthusiasts, you can prepare certain muscles or muscle groups for a particular activity. Example: If you play racquetball, you can stretch your legs and shoulders prior to playing to warm up the muscles.

You Don’t Exercise?

Stretching is still a perfect fitness plan for you to do. You can use a good CD/DVD to follow and I recommend a good exercise mat for comfort and additional support while you’re working out.

You still reap the benefits of flexibility, increased circulation, improving your posture……and last but not least….stress relief!

You can do this anywhere, at home, work and even when you’re traveling or on vacation!

If you have an injury or a chronic condition, talk with your doctor or a physical therapist before starting a fitness program.


  1. Margarita

    stretching is so vitally important which is why I do Yoga in the morning now almost every single day

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