Friday, February 26, 2021

Indoor Fireplace & Beanbag to Reduce Stress


People who have installed an indoor fireplace and set out a beanbag in their home will tell you that it’s the most relaxing place in their house.

It’s actually an ideal of yin yang situation, and many of my clients have benefited from this type of installation.

The yin is the fireplace, a female energy that is warm, beautiful and alive while the beanbag is yang, masculine in nature, stable, action-oriented yet soothing and comfortable. While both a indoor fireplace, beanbag chair or sofa are wonderful pieces to bring into your home: you cannot appreciate how relaxing and euphoric the total package is until you can sink into an unbelievably comfortable chair that contours to every inch of your body while being warmed and hypnotized by a fire.

Both indoor fireplaces and bean bags have been recommended and used for years to relieve stress. Each features their own special qualities and affect the human brain in their own unique way, yet when combined, they compliment each other for complete mental healing. So, just what makes these two elements so effective at melting away the worries of your day?

The Hypnotic Effects of Indoor Fireplaces

For centuries, before meditation was even practiced by westerners, Asian cultures were well aware of the healing benefits that a quieted mind through contemplation and reflection could bring. When combined with the warmth and glow of a fire, it helps to achieve total mental clarity.

Fire has mysterious and somewhat destructive properties that have the ability to draw the mind in, which is perfect for someone with a busy brain where too many thoughts are always scurrying about. Watching a fire blaze away draws the observer in like a moth. With or without meditation, stress is able to be transferred to a burning flame, allowing all your worries to evaporate into the air. There is nothing like sitting down and watching a wall fireplace flicker on your living room’s wall.

Another reason why electric fireplaces naturally relieve stress is because of the warmth that they provide. Have you ever noticed how when you are cold and uncomfortable, everything matters more? You’re more irritable, little issues seem mountainous and you’re instantly a bit depressed and stressed but when you warm up, your outlook completely changes. All those huge issues circling your mind like a whirlwind all seem foolish and unimportant.

Warmth generates a feeling of overall well-being. It allows the signals in your body to function properly and there are elevated levels of serotonin and endorphins released in your brain that not only make you happy and more relaxed, they work as natural pain killers to cure what’s ailing you as well.

Ventless Fireplaces provide the warmth that your body needs to reach this peaceful state. The difference between having a fireplace or not can be compared to being forced to take a cold shower because the hot water tank breaks or being able to relax in a warm bath. There really is no comparison.

The Soothing Comfort of a Beanbag

Just like indoor water features, wind-spinners, and fire-pots (that uses gel fuel), beanbags are considered an effective feng shui product to soothe and relieve stress. Balance is considered one of the most important (and often hardest) things in life to achieve, especially in your living space. Feng shui uses beanbags to help you achieve an ideal environment that will enhance the quality of your life.

It is suggested that when making changes to your home, a beanbag is one of the first purchase that you should make because they are a satisfying and sensible point of origin. The color variations, curved edges and the fact that they are easy to move around your room to where the energy is highest, makes them a wonderful asset to an often, over-synchronized scheme.

In feng shui, you learn that every piece of furniture’s shape is important for building a perfect balance in your home that will allow you to relax. If you look around your room, you probably have several sharp-edged pieces like a television, tables, shelving or a fireplace mantle. When you combine these pointed corners with the rounder shape of a large bean bag, you achieve symmetry.

Of course, the shape of the chair is not the only reason beanbags alleviate stress! As soon as you sink your tired body and busy mind into one of these pieces of furniture and feel all your aches and pains be absorbed away into the filling, you will understand what all the fuss is about. Beanbags come in many shapes and sizes, some as large as eight feet so you may find that you prefer this piece of furniture to sleep on, even more so than your expensive bed.

You can relax in a beanbag for an extended period of time and never get uncomfortable because as you move, the stuffing moves too. Beanbags are being recommended by physicians for back and joint pain and many mental health professionals have adopted bean bag sofas as their furniture choice in their office to allow their patients to truly achieve a state of total relaxation.

The Perfect Balance

The balance between having a comfy beanbag and a fireplace in your home is where the true relaxation comes in. This has been something that when installed many people have said is the perfect place to relax in their home.

If you want a beanbag but feel you have no room for a fireplace, a small wall or tabletop variety will provide you with the warmth and ambiance that you need to relieve your stress.

With all these things, it’s best to experiment! Try out different things in your home to transform it into the most relaxing environment for rejuvenation.

Loretta works with clients dealing with stress in their lives. Through the use of stress management techniques and practical methods, Loretta has helped many overcome stress and live healthier, happy lives.

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