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Indoor Water Features for Stress Relief


indoor water feature

An indoor water feature can be a great addition to a stress free home. Picture walking in a majestic forest with an amazing waterfall that flows water down scaling heights and creates an even more amazing sight at the base. Now, consider the crisp and cool breeze that passes by the water and brushes by your face with the hint of that heavenly moisture. Kind of sounds like something that you couldn’t imagine enjoying while at work in front of your boring computer screen. Well, you might want to think again! It really doesn’t seem that impossible to have something so refreshing indoors. However, one might think otherwise if they have never heard of the relaxing and soothing wonder that these types of features bring to a home.

Indoor water fountains are constructed to be miniature replicas of the springs, creeks or waterfalls that you have been impressed with while in nature for your indoor use.

Feng Shui

indoor water feature

Feng Shui which is pronounced as ‘Fung Shway’ in Chinese, is the famous and popular art of interior designing primarily based on the flow of energy, positive energy. Feng Shui encompasses the two key elements water and wind. Feng Shui is widely practiced in the interior design universe ever since it has proved positive improvements in the quality of people’s lives, physically and emotionally.

Water is an important element, which when placed in the right directions with consideration to Feng Shui is believed to provide harmony, health, wealth and prosperity to the individuals and the home that “water” is present in. However, some Feng Shui advisors would not advise to place indoor water fountains in your bedroom because adding the water element in the bedroom would increase differences and disparity in your home. That being said, it is very important that you bring in positive energy or “Chi” into your office or home with these soothing water features with proper study and research of these astrological facts.

indoor water feature

Putting the astrological aspects aside, there are many other benefits for your home and office. Over the last decade, the popularity of water fountains has risen up because of the benefits derived from the purchase and use of such decor. No matter what type of water feature you purchace, a wall fountain or outdoor fountain, here are the benefits of why there is a need for a water fountain other than its decorative function:

Stress Relief Environment

After a hard day’s work, nothing beats the sound of flowing water from your water fountain to help the ease of stress. Excellent inside and outside your house. From your living room, bedroom, patio to your backyard.

What you are looking for to select the perfect fountain is the soothing sound of the water flowing. Fountains that have adjustable pumps would be best to maintain that sweet flow of water that you are looking for.

Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Plenty of types and design to choose from on your indoor or outdoor water fountain. Your fountain will serve as a center masterpiece artwork to your room indoors or at your backyard outdoors. These decorative fountains can serve as an art piece and could arouse the senses. It can be placed on foyers welcoming visitors in and on living rooms keeping the guest relaxed and adds attraction to the entire appearance of the room where your guests are entertained.

Natural Humidifiers

indoor water feature

Water fountains clean the air around us by adding moisture in the room. Living rooms and offices nowadays have heating and air units that could easily dry up your skin and cause allergies. With fountains acting as natural emulsifiers, it’ll revitalize the total appearance of the indoor plants that you might have. All the benefits of a humidifier and none of its harmful effect that is known to contribute to molds and mildew on your indoor decor. Sometimes a production fountain isn’t big enough for the type of humidification you need, that is when you might need a custom fountain for your home.

Negative Ion

Television sets, computers and refrigerators to name a few are what we call modern conveniences. Think again. These electrical and electronic appliances emit what is called positive ion. This emission will contribute largely to lower down our immune system and decrease our energy. Negative ions are air that we breathe on mountain, hilltops, riversides and lakes. In short, these are fresh air which is known to increase our daytime energy to get us going and keep us focused all throughout the day. It also lessens depression and eases stress. What water fountain does is filling the room with the negative ion for our relaxation after a hard day and recharging to get us ahead to the next day’s challenge.

Drinking source for pets

Benefits of these features are not limited to people only. Also to our extended member of our family, our loving and caring pets. Cats and dogs loves to play with running water as you might notice in your backyard. What water fountain does is provide this little happiness to our lovely pets their by providing them endless supply of running water that they always love. It does not only provide relaxation to people but to pets as well as pets loves to stay near the fountain after spending the entire afternoon of playing with your children.

Drowning out annoying sounds

indoor water feature

Noise coming out from adjacent room can be filtered out by running water on your fountain. It also filters down the sound that is coming from traffic outside. It will give you a relaxing afternoon, finishing up your reading and revitalizes you for the next day ahead.

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