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Infertility and Reproduction: What Women Should Know


Medically speaking, infertility is identified as the inability for a male and a female partner to reproduce or procreate (get pregnant) after regularly having practiced unprotected intercourse for a minimum period of twelve months. The infertility may be attributed to the male partner, the female partner or to the two of them who are equally likely to have fertility problems. In roughly twenty percent of known infertile couples, both are infertile and around fifteen percent of the known infertile couples are stated to have “unexplained infertility” as no cause is ever conclusively established.

It is important to note that infertility is not synonymous to sterility. As a matter of fact, approximately fifteen percent of all heterosexual couples are infertile while only one or two percent of them are actually sterile. Statistics show that fifty percent of couples who reach out for medical help sooner or later have children either on their own or with the help of a number of medical options.

Fertility Evaluations

To determine infertility, its extent and to draw plans of action to overcome it, comprehensive medical evaluations need to be performed. The process usually begins with complete physical examinations as well as the assessment of the medical and sexual histories of both partners.

The Female Partner. In women, ovulation is assessed through blood tests which detect the presence of hormones, through ultrasound examinations of the ovaries or through ovulation tests. Irregular menstrual cycles may arouse suspicion but that does not necessarily lead to the cause of the problem.

Infertility in Women

The six main reasons for women’s infertility are:

  1. The lack of ovulation (also known as anovulation) which is the ejection of eggs from the ovaries. This is usually due to the polycystic ovary disease (PCOS). Anovulation is the most common reason for women’s infertility.
  2. The failure of the fallopian tubes to transport eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. This condition is most often caused by scar tissue resulting from an infections or endometriosis which leads to blockage of the passage.
  3. Fibroid growths, tumors, cervical problems or an irregularly shaped uterus may prevent the egg from implanting in the uterus.
  4. The mucus of the cervix injures the sperm or stops their movement.
  5. Obesity.
  6. Advance age.

The Male Partner. Men go through an analysis of their semen for a sperm count as well as the sperm’s movement to verify whether they are sluggish or wandering and at what percentage. Thus far, scientists do not know all the reasons for infertility in men but recent studies show that a large percentage may be linked to genetics and the abnormality of the Y chromosomes.

Infertility in Men

The most frequently occurring reasons for infertility in men are related to sperm disorders but some are related to injuries of the testicles:

  1. Low sperm count. There may not be enough sperms or there are no spermatozoa present in the semen
  2. Low sperm motility. The sperm move too slowly or inefficiently.
  3. Malformation of the sperm.
  4. 4Blocked sperm ducts.
  5. Overheated testicles.
  6. Testicles exposed to chemicals.
  7. Effects of alcohol and/or tobacco.
  8. 8Advanced age.

Depending on the source of the infertility (the male partner or the female partner) and the cause of the problem, there is a wide range of very effective options which can rectify infertility and those may be hormonal treatments and various medications, surgery and in vitro fertilization. However, none of these options are accessible without appropriate medical teams of professionals.


  1. Wang Wei

    This is the Traditional Chinese Medicine view:

    Without any problem, if you can’t hear nothing more than a year about baby, You need to doubt. You need to get rid of fear complex about pregnancy. *Mrs. Lee (31 female S university PHD) who’s got married 3 years ago, started the contraception for 2 years. They’ve been waiting to hear about baby for a year, but still there are no signs of baby. Worring couple visited C hospital about 3 month ago. After various tests, doctor said there are no particular problems and made a diagnosis of Stress. Infertility under the stress.

    – An English obstetrics and gynecology journal Human Reproduction did a research on 13 women who wanted to get pregnant. In result, it says there are no accurate reasons or causes but mental stress can be effective. Those days there is an increase of women with stress visiting sterility clinic

    cause of the sterility
    = If you can’t get pregnant more than a year after you stop the contraception, it can be defined medically as sterility In Korea, about 10~15 percentage of married couples are known as sterility.
    According to a statistical data, sterility can be caused by women.
    ovarian problem or secretion (excretion) of hormone (10-15%)
    A trouble in pelvis (30-35%)
    The oviduct( salpinx) problem (15%)
    and about 30% can be caused by male problem in generating sperm
    and there are 10-15% of unknown reasons.

    Sterility under the Stress.
    = Medical specialists say if you can’t find any other reasons or causes after having several tests like hormone or ovulation tests, after sexual intercourse, the endometrium tests, it can be seen (presumed) as Stress. Stress can causes a disorder on excretion of hormone. Problem in hypothalamus – a sex gland – stimulative – hormone excretion of sexual gonado tropine causes problem in having a periods and it links to ceased menstruation or no ovulation.

    An advise for becoming pregnant.
    = There are no sterilities where there are no worries about sterilities. Getting rid of those mental worries and pressure can be the basic treatment for sterility. These are the common advises from the sterility specialists. Those are the important points to remember for the women who want to be pregnant.
    Although your menstruation cycle is not 28 days, the ovulation days which have the highest possibility to get pregnant is 14 days before the next period.
    A corpulence can be effective on excretion of hormone.
    Too much vegetarian diet causes the shortening (reduction) of possible period for implantation and can be linked to a sterility.
    Taking cold bath is no good and always keep your belly warm.
    Don’t be upset with your situation and try to relax.

    ***The happy marriage can be in trouble when there is a problem having a baby between couple.
    What can husbands do about their wives who are under a huge complex and stress?
    The most important point for those husbands is not to show their mental exhaustion or dissatisfaction to their wives.
    Is frequent relation helpful?
    = It needs 2 or 3 days to replace the number of spermatozoon and to have mature sperm.
    Frequent sexual relationship can be an adverse result.
    You shoudn’t show excessive interest to other’s children in front wife.
    Keep the scrotum cool.
    = Because lower temperature promote the creation of sperm, keep the scrotum 4 degree lower than body heat.

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