Monday, September 21, 2020

Inner Thigh Liposuction: Risks, Cost, Recovery & More


Liposuction for your inner thighs, butt, legs or anywhere else in fact — is not a ticket to an “instant” slimmer body.

Since genetics still plays a huge part in determining how your thighs look and shape, and while your lifestyle is what will dictate your future, liposuction might not be the best way to go!

Anyway, I’m not for it simply because it isn’t medically necessary and worse, it carries risk (which you can choose NOT to have) which you might think is nothing but for all you know, could be serious and fatal.

That said, I want to explore the reasons why you may want to opt for inner thigh liposuction or any surgery of this kind for that matter.

Inner (and outer) thighs are problem areas for us ladies, in 9 out of 10 cases. This is because genetically, we tend to carry the excess fats in our thighs (abs and hips too….) when we put on weight.

The excess fat causes unsightly bulges and as we age, the skin there seems weighed down by the fat and have a saggy look.

You’re worried you look “a sight” in tight jeans and skirts as the bulges make waves and folds and also bothered by the constant discomfort you experience when your inner thighs rub against each other when you walk.

You’ve tried exercise and healthy diet but they don’t seem able to blast away the fat there in your inner thighs. And you’ve heard somewhere that in fact exercise and diet can’t help much…

You also heard that thigh liposuction can help “permanently” remove the fat and smooth bulges, reduces the rubbing and decreases the overall circumference of your thighs!

Well, let’s take a closer look at some of these claims shall we 🙂

What to Expect from Thigh Liposuction

I’m not saying that you won’t get good results from it; you could but you need to be aware of these limitations:

  • If you’re older with not so good skin elasticity or with saggy skin, you might not benefit from the procedure as poor skin elasticity could result in wrinkled skin that’s worst than before liposuction
  • Genetics plays a huge part in determining the way your thighs look. Say, you could be thin but you’ve “inherited” the legacy of having heavy thighs, which liposuction could help to contour, only to a certain extent. After the surgery, you could still project the impression of having “heavy” thighs .
  • Liposuction can reduce the extent of the rubbing of your thighs but cannot banish it completely as this boils down to genetics. For instance, some people may have legs that are set closely together or may have very muscular legs. Other factors like fat deposits, body musculature and skeletal structure are in too to cause the rubbing or chafing of thighs
  • Your thighs would not be in “perfect form” after thigh liposuction as you could still have cellulite, loose skin, jiggly and asymmetrical thighs (i.e. one thigh’s bigger than the other or one thigh has more fat than the other). Human body is imperfect so be ready to accept these imperfections and asymmetry due to the unpredictable nature of the healing process
  • If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, skin overlying the anterior portion of your inner thighs would be wrinkly. Liposuction will not improve this wrinkled appearance. In fact liposuction could worsen the degree of wrinkling there
  • You think inner thigh surgery removes fat cells permanently so you wouldn’t gain weight? N-o-o-o-o…. It doesn’t guarantee that you won’t gain weight or won’t accumulate fat deposits in other areas of your body. You sure need to exercise and eat healthy to ward off the extra lbs.
  • If you just treat the inner (or outer) thighs, though it will change the shape of your thighs, it will not decrease the overall size or circumference of your thighs. Apparently, if you’ve the so-called “thunder thighs” and want nicely shaped thighs with smaller circumferences, you got to go for a “full thigh” treatment which includes inner and outer thighs, top of the thighs and the knees!Oh, Ah…. The dangers, the risk and the hefty sum you need to fork out are no jokes!
  • Hmmm…..The “full thigh” treatment will not reduce the degree of wrinkling you have and it is also not a treatment for cellulite.

So there. Inner thigh procedures which may seem like such a “perfect” solution to your thigh “woes”, at first glance, yet actually come with significant risk and possible complications.

Not to mention you must change your lifestyle to maintain your weight loss anyway. So why not use exercise and diet to lose the fat, too? And then keep it off with your new healthy lifestyle.

With these limitations, I think exercise and a healthy diet are better and healthier alternatives to thigh surgery.

Whatever fat this combo can’t blast away, accept it as it is (and consider it a genetic shortcoming which you can’t circumvent….) and embrace a healthy body image which you’re comfortable with.

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