Friday, September 18, 2020

Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath


Ion Cleanse is a detox foot bath that can detoxify the body via the feet in a natural manner. Out of the numerous methods for detoxification, this one uses ions as the basis for removal, and has been found the most effective.

The foot baths use technology to remove the toxins from the body and use negatively and positively charged ions in a bathing solution for the feet. The solution combines water and sea salt. The ions than flow through the body and attach themselves to the ions of the opposite charge that have built up in the body. The toxins are then removed from the body and flow back into the foot bath solution through osmosis. Typically this is accomplished with a machine that carries an array, and a power outlet that is required to pass the direct current, water, and some sort of tub that can hold the ion cleansing machine, as well as the purifying sea salts.

Ion Cleanse For Detoxification

An important part of maintaining good health is keeping a body that is free of unwanted substances. Detoxification enables the removal of these toxins. Detoxification is the overall cleansing of the body through therapies such as herbal solutions. The process can be done to any part of the body or the entire body. It is essential in this day and age of high toxicity, when our bodies accumulate toxins, chemicals, wastes, and other dangerous substances. The most common way in which the toxins enter our body is food.

The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath eliminates toxins through the theory of ion connection and removal. The process is safe and painless. The water molecule has 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. By using the process of increasing molecules and decreasing molecules in order to produce negative and positive charges, companies have created products that are capable of cleansing the body of negative toxins.

Ion Theory

Through the process of osmosis, the Ion Cleanse Detox Bath neutralises oppositely charged particles and transfers them from the skin. These ions cling themselves to many of the toxins in the body and pull them through the porous skin membrane, particularly through the feet. Once the science behind the process is understood it is a very simple concept and yet it is very effective.

Foot Bath Process

The process is painless. Clients can relax and enjoy the foot bath without being aware of the actual process occurring. The effects will be miraculous though once the toxins have been removed from your body. You will notice the colour of the water change as the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath does its work. This will give you a clear visual idea of the toxins that are effectively being removed from your body. Before beginning, it is important to seek the opinion of your doctor, as with any alternative health practice.

Typically, the detoxification will last for about 30 minutes. When completed, you may feel healthier and lighter. It is important to stick with the recommended time frame and not overdo the process. The process is meant to be performed in an on-going manner, and one should realise that all toxins may not be removed immediately. As life returns to normal, you will begin to build toxins back up in your system that will need to be removed in subsequent sessions. The Detox Foot Bath is also compatible with other treatments such as homoeopathy, medications, vitamins and herbal treatments. Again, it is important to check with your doctor in order to combine treatments safely.


The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath is an effective and efficient means in which to clean the body, and the process will bring about a feeling of relaxation. The detox will accelerate changes in the body and the body will begin to feel stronger, lighter and cleaner. After the process, you will feel more energetic, and the water that moves through your body will hydrate cells and promote good health. There have been a number of skin problems solved by the detox such as rashes, dark circles, and blotchy complexions. Many of these things are the result of toxins that wear down skin tissue. The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath has also been shown to increase energy, sex drive, and circulation, and decrease allergy symptoms.

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