Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is Arm Liposuction Worth It?


The Good Bits

The surgeon tells you that liposuction can help your arms in these ways:

  • To improve a disproportionate appearance of your arm, compared to the rest of your body
  • To feel more comfortable and less self-conscious when donning a sleeveless or short sleeved blouse
  • To savor the feeling of slim-shaped appearance when you lay your arms in a relaxed position

He or she may continue on with the good virtues of arm liposuction such as it makes you feel more attractive and feminine especially when you’re in sleeveless or short sleeve blouse/top/shirt.

That you don’t have to hide your arms because they’re big and flabby and unflattering.

That the surgery is short (contrary to the fact that it takes about 2 hours) and simple, low risk, with minimal complications and with satisfying results.

Yes, what all the surgeon claims are true, if he or she performs the surgery successfully.

But here are my concern about using liposuction for your arms…

First, the Limitations

  1. Not every one is a good candidate. Furthermore, it’s more a procedure for women than for men….Can’t blame us women for this, right? Obviously the bigger the arms the better for men…Wow! Manly!
  2. Your skin needs to be in good condition to allow for a smooth and even contraction over the area after removal of fat.
  3. Though the surgery reduces your arm size, you could still have extra skin hanging in your arms. Wearing the compression bands will help to firm the area, but this extra skin may sag, especially if your skin is naturally not that elastic.
  4. While liposuction may remove the fat cells, you may still gain fat if you don’t switch to a regime of exercise and healthy diet. It also doesn’t help to improve skin quality and muscle tone. For this, you’ve to do arm toning exercises.

Second, the Risks and Complications

  1. Excessive liposuction can make your arms appear too skinny to your liking. Imagine you end up with arms that are disproportionately skinny with an otherwise overweight body…
  2. Excessive and uneven removal of fat can cause your arms to devoid of subcutaneous fat (fat found underneath your skin), making them unattractive and worst, they don’t look like normal female arms. If the surgeon removes all the subcutaneous fat from an area of your arm, the result is an unappealing lumpy-bumpy look. This lumpy-bumpy look becomes grossly accentuated if you gain weight.
  3. All surgeries have risks and complications. Arm liposuction rarely has complications but they do happen. I list some common medical complications here:-Negative reaction to anesthesia-Excessive operative or postoperative bleeding-Developing a large blood clot or pocket of fluid in the treated areas, which needs to be drained or removed -Liposuction could inadvertently cut off the blood supply to a tissue or fat, causing it to die, known as necrosis. When necrosis occurs in fat after liposuction, the fat drains from the incision sites. However, necrosis in a tissue is more serious and must be treated immediately -If the surgeon removes a large amount of fat, you’re at risk of having dehydration and excessive blood loss

Third, after the Surgery

Your arms would be stiff and sore for a few days, feeling like you’ve over-exercised. You could have some pain, burning, swelling, or temporary numbness there.

You may need to wear compression bands on your arms to cut down on swelling and to hold your arms in their new shape until the tissues have adjusted.

The bruising and swelling should subside within 3 weeks. You should be able to return to work within a week, or within a few days, depends on nature of your work. If it’s sedentary work, you might be able to resume work in a matter of days.

You would have to wear the compression bands for several weeks to make sure your arms stay firmly shaped.

Well, looks like the “after care” is troublesome….And how you gonna explain the compression bands on your arms, to your colleagues?

The Verdict?

  • I have no issue if you want to go for liposuction, whether that’s on your arms, legs, belly or wherever. It’s your prerogative and you know your body best.
  • My advice is that exercise and a healthy diet are still the preferred way because they help in shedding off the excess fat in your arms.
  • Unless it’s really necessary medically (which I don’t think it is), I stand by the exercise and healthy diet regime.

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