Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Is Cooked Food Really Poison?


Anybody who has explored the raw food world at all has encountered this phrase: Cooked food is poison.

But is it really? Is cooked food really poison? That is a very descriptive and intense word to assign to something as simple as heating food.

Usually poison (in our lexicon) is reserved for chemical substances that render extreme (and sometimes immediate!) harm to our bodies. There is an increasing amount of evidence that cooking our food creates harmful substances that we ingest when we eat it as well as destroying many essential nutrients.

(Note: This blog is not about the science of raw food, but we may touch upon such subjects gently at times.)

Personally, when I envision “poison”, I think of sulfuric acid or swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. Something that may instantly kill us. Quite a scary vision.

That is not something I want to be believing in when I eat something that has been heated.

Even though it is my belief that raw food is way better for our bodies than cooked food, I choose to never look at cooked food as poison. It may generally be true that someone who eats a lot of cooked food their whole life will age quicker and/or develop a degenerative disease, but they will more than likely still live a very comfortable life. They may even live well into their 80’s and 90’s.

Does that sound like poison? It certainly does not to me.

Heidi and I tend to look at life with a positive spin. In this instance, while we do not believe cooked food is best for our bodies, we choose to look at raw food as better than cooked food.

It is our opinion that food that does not immediately kill you is not a poison.

It is our opinion that all foods are okay to eat…but raw food will always be much, much better for our bodies.

To your health,


P.S. You are welcome to disagree with me, I don’t mind. I respect everyone’s opinion and choices. It is up to you. That is part of what makes life so phenomenal!

Always seeking to improve our lives, my wife Heidi and I were led to try Macrobiotics, then moved to a cooked food vegan diet, and finally found raw food in 2004. By starting 100% Raw Food!, we hope to make ourselves accountable to the world at large and become public raw foodists. We had been struggling with the raw food lifestyle since 2004 and needed to do something drastic to make sense of our choice. By starting this blog in August 2006, we've been able to eat a mostly or all raw food diet, all of the time. Early in 2010 we announced the changes to our personal diets and philosophy behind our Raw Food blog posts along with Heidi. It is our hope that with this blog, we can help inspire those interested in living healthier lifestyles to make their journey more easy and enjoyable instead of complicated and dogmatic. Instead of preaching an "all-raw" diet, we strive to only give you the best of what the raw food movement has to offer.

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