Monday, October 19, 2020

It’s Your Raw Food Journey


This concept is what I am calling Raw Food Autopilot.

We have always aimed to make this blog as raw unbiased as possible, meaning we support just about anyone’s choice of how they choose to eat a raw vegan/vegetarian diet. But this one concept has been so successful that it is about the only raw food diet “recommendation” we ever give to people.

Dhru said it best:

What all this means is that we must find our own [raw food path] to be truly successful. There’s nothing wrong with getting started by following the advice of authors, coaches or blogs, but every step of the way you must ask yourself, “Does this really work for me?”

I absolutely agree. And the rest of the his post says it all.

At the very beginning of our raw food journey, Heidi and I used to fall into many of the raw guru traps. Every few months, we would learn about another raw food guru. We would buy their book, or books, or online products that promised miraculous results. They would tell us that what we were doing is “wrong and damaging” and how their way was “right and superior”.

Since we were still not fully sure at the time about how to do the diet, we would go back and forth. Back and forth, back and forth…

What happened, is that we never settled on one particular path for any amount of time.

The result: our bodies were confused.

In fact, the emotional and physical damage we gave to our bodies was beyond any positive results we could have been experiencing.

How frustrating!

But we finally broke free. We learned to listen to our bodies. I know it sounds corny, but when you get in the zone, your body really does “tell you” what it needs…and I have yet to be led wrong by it.

When we finally let go, miracles started to happen. My body slowly went on Autopilot, and was telling me specifically what it wanted, when, and how much.

I didn’t even have to think about what to eat! What a relief.

And the results were astounding.

I quickly dropped my remaining weight (40 pounds) and a myriad of minor health and body issues cleared up in a few months.

After being in the raw food movement for so long now, I’ve seen a large variety of results and an even larger variety in the ways others approach eating an all or mostly raw food diet. What I observe, is that there are different people, succeeding in different ways.

One raw guru’s poison seemed to be another raw food guru’s elixir.

What gives?

Let me remind you, that at this point, I was still mostly raw when I figured out the magic of Raw Autopilot, but I was trying to follow every piece of advice that came my way. Just imagine how crazy you would get trying to sort out all of those opinions!

How does one get their body on Autopilot? Well, it’s so natural, that it’s the easiest thing you may ever do.

Dhrumil said it simply and best in his post:

  1. Try: Don’t get stuck or attached to any single approach or food.
  2. Inquire: Check in with yourself, and listen to your body? What works and what doesn’t?
  3. Try again: Rinse and repeat is the key. Having options gives you the opportunity to compare and find your own.


Let me remind you, that unlike many other people in the raw food movement, I don’t claim to be perfect. You have read recently on this blog how I still may eat foods I am not proud of from time-to-time. Personally, I would rather eat something that isn’t perfect for me than force myself to eat all raw when I don’t really want to.

There is no forcing this way of eating down my throat, not ever.

And when I do give in to cooked food, I notice that my Autopilot setting usually gets thrown off course. It may either completely stop for a while or lead me the wrong way.

These are my own experiences, and for many other long time raw foodists, they have told me the same thing: you just kind of go on Autopilot.

What about you? Do you listen to your body? If so, what has been your experience?

As always, to your health,

~ Justin

P.S. Please remember that neither Heidi or I will ever tell you that what you are doing is “wrong”. If you are following a plan from a raw food guru and it is doing miracles for you, that is so amazing and we love it! And if you are still confused by what “everyone” is telling you to do, perhaps it is time to consult your inner Autopilot.

Always seeking to improve our lives, my wife Heidi and I were led to try Macrobiotics, then moved to a cooked food vegan diet, and finally found raw food in 2004. By starting 100% Raw Food!, we hope to make ourselves accountable to the world at large and become public raw foodists. We had been struggling with the raw food lifestyle since 2004 and needed to do something drastic to make sense of our choice. By starting this blog in August 2006, we've been able to eat a mostly or all raw food diet, all of the time. Early in 2010 we announced the changes to our personal diets and philosophy behind our Raw Food blog posts along with Heidi. It is our hope that with this blog, we can help inspire those interested in living healthier lifestyles to make their journey more easy and enjoyable instead of complicated and dogmatic. Instead of preaching an "all-raw" diet, we strive to only give you the best of what the raw food movement has to offer.

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