Saturday, September 19, 2020

Juice Fast in Costa Rica


Angela Stokes, of Raw Reform fame, has taken on a 92 Day Juice Fast in Costa Rica. She is drinking only raw food juices and water for 92 days. Not only is she drinking only juice and water, she is making sure she drinks enough to fulfill a 1500 calorie a day requirement.

Note: That is a lot of juice. And truly a feast!

If you are unaware of Angela Stokes, she is an amazing woman who healed herself five years ago of morbid obesity and transformed herself and now lives a truly raw and healthy life. Her story is incredible and she has been spreading the raw word ever since.

To help support her choice to take on a 92 Day Juice Feast, she has joined the ranks of the blogging world and is detailing her daily journey. I have been reading her blog every day and it is truly a fascinating read!

Do you want to find out why she is doing this? Or how she is doing? Is she hungry? Is she feeling weak, or strong?

Go to her blog right now, bookmark it, subscribe to her feed, or whatever and get reading.

As of this post, she is 18 days into her journey, and her experience thus far is inspiring!

Neither Heidi or I have ever taken on a juice fast (or any prolonged fast, for that matter). In fact, we rarely drink juice. It is always good to entertain the possibility of doing something new. Will we ever take on a juice fast/feast? Who knows?

Either way, we are happy to see more raw foodists getting out there and sharing their personal journeys. It takes a lot of guts to get out there and post about your personal struggles and triumphs for the entire world to see.

No longer will raw food be a book-only, in-an-ideal-world, happens to others lifestyle; we will be seeing a surge of experiential experiences logged and blogged for the entire world to see from people in many different countries. Massive amounts of real world experiential data will swarm the blog world, inspiring others and laying aside doubt and leaving a trail for skeptics to follow and reassess their positions on diet and health.

It will be incredible.


Always seeking to improve our lives, my wife Heidi and I were led to try Macrobiotics, then moved to a cooked food vegan diet, and finally found raw food in 2004. By starting 100% Raw Food!, we hope to make ourselves accountable to the world at large and become public raw foodists. We had been struggling with the raw food lifestyle since 2004 and needed to do something drastic to make sense of our choice. By starting this blog in August 2006, we've been able to eat a mostly or all raw food diet, all of the time. Early in 2010 we announced the changes to our personal diets and philosophy behind our Raw Food blog posts along with Heidi. It is our hope that with this blog, we can help inspire those interested in living healthier lifestyles to make their journey more easy and enjoyable instead of complicated and dogmatic. Instead of preaching an "all-raw" diet, we strive to only give you the best of what the raw food movement has to offer.

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