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Juicer Recipes for Health & Weight Loss


I would like to share with you a few of my staple juicer recipes, they’re super healthy and a great way to help you lose weight. Try using a juice as a meal replacement for a nutritious pick-me-up, packed with vitamins and minerals and very few calories!

First, here are a few general guidelines to begin with:

  • If you are starting out on juicing I would advise you to invest in a good juicer that can juice all the foods you might wish to add to your juicer recipes. Otherwise, you will be somewhat limited in the juice combinations you can create. You can read my juicer review of the juicer I love to use here.
  • I know I am repeating myself here, but wherever possible, buy your juicing ingredients carefully—- buy organic, buy local and buy as fresh as possible! (Some of the better juicers do remove pesticides from the juice as they juice it for you, but I prefer them not to be there in the first place as I believe this must be the healthier option.) Buying local and fresh, has obvious benefits. Fruit and vegetables lose their vitality once they are harvested, so you need to get them into your juicer as soon as possible after that. Local produce is likely to be the freshest produce, but do always enquire as to how fresh it really is before buying!
  • Always juice immediately before you want to drink the juice. Oxidation kills off nutrients that are protected as long as they are inside the fruit or vegetable, but are exposed once juiced. These are fragile, complex natural ingredients that are uniquely beneficial to our health. It is a shame to lose them by juicing ahead of time!

Juicer Recipe Tips

  • For extra nutrition, throw in some great power foods such as wheatgrass, or garlic/broccoli sprouts. If your juicer can’t process these, or if you don’t have any in stock, throw in some spirulina or wheatgrass powder instead.
  • For extra thickness and sweetness throw in some dried fruit such as dates, sultanas etc.
  • For extra texture and sweetness add banana.
  • I prefer never to use sugar in my juicer recipes, as it seems to defeat the purpose of creating a healthy drink. Using honey, molasses, or even maple syrup, is better than using straight sugar, but don’t go overboard to these either. Your tastebuds do acclimatise gradually if you cut down on the amount of sweetness you add to your juices. Manuka honey is a very healthy sweetener to use because of its wonderful properties in fighting bacteria and disease. But never give honey of any type to children under one year old as it may contain spores that are dangerous to them!
  • For extra flavour in savoury juices use fresh herbs, and lots of them!
  • For extra spice, use fresh spices such as ginger, cardamon, nutmeg. But when not available, do use powdered ones.
  • Add pieces of frozen banana to create crumbs of ‘banana-ice’ in your juice
  • Other tips to zing up your juicer recipes are to add any of the following where suitable: coarse ground black pepper, celery salt, celery seed, salt-free vegetable seasoning, Tabasco sauce, Worcester sauce, squeeze of fresh lemon.

Some Classic Juicer Recipes

I think the best way to juice is to just experiment with different ingredients as you go along, but if you need a few simple ideas to get you sparking, here we go…..


  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Fresh ginger

Use in whatever proportion suits you. Fresh ginger has quite a strong taste, so I usually reckon on using about a quarter the size of a clove of garlic per glass, or less. Of course you can use powdered ginger for flavouring if the fresh stuff isn’t available, but you won’t get the same nutritional value from it.

This is a classic easy juicer recipe and one that is very palatable. The carrot adds sweetness and the celery adds earthiness. The ginger gives it a zing that feels medicinal, but in a nice way! In fact this is one juice that you really feel has nourishing qualities as you drink it! Ginger is great for the immune system.


  • Carrot
  • Sweet fresh baby beetroot
  • Cucumber
  • Fresh Parsley

I like to use carrot and beetroot in equal amounts for this juicer recipe. This is a lovely refreshing summer morning juice, very cleansing and nutritious. Use lots of lovely fresh parsley for lots of zing.


Banana always gives a lovely smoothie texture to a juice as well as creaminess and sweetness. This makes it an ideal ingredient for children’s juices.


  • Tasty apples
  • Kiwi
  • Spirulina powder

The spirulina gives this a lovely deep colour making for wonderful green goddess juice!


This is full of nourishment, bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and bioflavanoids and makes a delicious combination. You could add a little banana, if you need to sweeten it.


This is a classic juice and one that children usually like. If not, just leave out the ginger and the sweetness of the carrots should win them over!

Apples and Melon

Another favourite with children!

Peaches-Mango-Passion Fruit

This is a nice sweet juice that will delight the tastebuds.


Another combination to surprise. The sweetness of the mango and peaches are nicely offset by the pineapple.

Refreshing Breakfast Juicer Recipes

These are great cleansing juicer recipes with which to start the day.

Refresh! 1

  • 2 peeled lemons
  • handful of spinach leaves
  • Manuka honey/molasses to sweeten(Do not give honey to children under one year old

Juice leaves first, then the lemons. Add sweetener and dilute with filtered or sparkling water to taste.

Refresh! 2

  • 2 peeled lemons
  • handful celery and rocket leaves
  • honey/molasses to sweeten(Do not give honey to children under one year old)

Juice leaves first, then the lemons. Add sweetener and dilute with filtered or sparkling water to taste.

Refresh! 3

  • 4 peeled oranges
  • handful spinach and rocket leaves
  • (No need to sweeten this if you choose nice ripe oranges.)

Juice the leaves first, then the oranges.

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