Friday, May 29, 2020

Julia Roberts: Lifestyle, Diet Plan, Detox & Exercise Routine


Julia Roberts is in her fifties now if you can believe it! Still looks great and very young for her age. So what really is Julia’s secret to staying so young, vibrant and healthy all these years?

Diet Plan

What was the one thing that helped Julia Roberts so much when she had gained weight and needs to get back in shape? Mindful eating.

Mindful eating is exactly how it sounds. It is about being consciously aware of the food that you put into your body. One way of doing this just starting out is by making a food journal.

A food journal is a way of simply noting down with pen and paper or on your smartphone, what you eat throughout the day. We eat so much without thinking about it the act alone of having to write it down reduces the calories that we eat.

And then when we do eat, we do so mindfully of what it is, the effect it has on our body’s — in the both the long-term, and the short.

Healthy foods build up the body and give you energy in the short term and well as heal the body and help you lose weight in the long. And this is really what Julia Roberts discovers with her mindful eating.

Julia also does not drink much alcohol and eats lots and lots of healthy vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins, while avoiding fast-food altogether.

Workout Routine

Julia Roberts likes to go running outdoors where she can simply put on her headphones and jog, walk or run however she likes. Of course this can be quickly ruined when she runs into the paparazzi who are no doubt waiting for her. Yet it’s all part of being a famous celebrity, so…

Julia does everything she can to stay healthy and drinks lots of water while working out. She has also been known do do Yoga, Pilates and many outdoor actives as well as swimming and cycling.

Julia Roberts Comments

Can you tell us something we don’t know about how Julia Roberts loses weight, keeps in shape and lives a healthy lifestyle?

I write in the vertical of celebrity detox plans, diets and exercise routines.

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