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Ka-Huna Massage


Ka-Huna massage therapy is a holistic therapy system from Hawaii. The system is passed from one generation to another and is designed to help improve the body by also improving the mind and spirit of the patient. This holistic approach helps reconnect these aspects of the entire person. In the modern age, they are disconnected more than in times past but Ka-Huna massage helps reconnect them and helps establish a balance that makes the person more of aware of their entire being. It is a gentle, relaxing and revitalizing massage technique.

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The Ritual of Ka-Huna Massage

There are 7 principles to the Huna philosophy that are used during a Ka-Huna massage. They are summed up in single words that are uttered during the massage to evoke and pull out pent up emotion in the patient. The process of speaking the words is a very important part of the ritual of the massage therapy.

The massage itself is very relaxing. All the movements are sweeping movements utilizing the hands, arms, elbows and feet. The strokes are deep pressure but long movements; not isolated pressure points like other forms of massage. The massage creates a healing energy that helps reconnect the mind body and soul. The movements release emotional and spiritual blockages that are stored in the cells of the body leaving the client relaxed and calmed.

Benefits of Ka-Huna

The massage also unblocks neuromuscular tensions and can have positive effects on the lymphatic system as well as the immune, circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems. While it provides improved flexibility, it also helps reduce the effects of mental stress including reducing fears and traumatic memories effects on the person and their ability to cope from day to day. By reducing anxiety, the client is able to have a positive outlook on life.

Who can Use Ka-Huna Massage?

Ka-Huna massage therapy is useful for everyone. The technique is suitable for young and old alike and can be modified to fit any special needs a client may have, including current health issues. Anyone who has specific issues should communicate them with their massage therapist so it can be concentrated on specifically. The massage’s ability to blend a physical massage with a reconnecting of one’s other parts can even help to address these health issues internally and help modern medicine work better than it would otherwise. The mind body experience helps promote healing so you can feel better, faster.

If you are seeking a massage that is not only able to work out the physical stressors in your life, Ka-Huna is a great holistic massage therapy that will help alleviate stress both through the massage but mental coaching that comes with it. The reconnecting of one’s physical self to their mind and soul helps keep that person feeling whole and able to take on the world. The philosophies and the words that are used to trigger thoughts can be used outside of the massage to help keep you focused and happy between sessions. Ka-Huna is truly unique compared to the rest of the world’s massage techniques.

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