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Kahuna Bodywork



Over the years, the word Kahuna has been twisted and misused so many times that it is difficult to understand its true meaning. The word is Hawaiian and it means Precious One, the Provider, the Keeper of the Sacred Principle. In Hawaii, people of certain family lineage are trained to become Kahunas. They are experts in one of many fields including those of the meteorologist, navigator, carpenter, wood carver, hula dancer, astrologist, tattoo artist, house-builder, canoe builder, herbalist, bodyworker, or farmer. Their skills depend on supernatural and physical ability.

The Kahunas were responsible for carrying on the oral tradition of their ancestors. They hold the memories of their lineage back to its beginnings, and know the names of the goddesses and gods and each of their roles in creation. Through songs, music, chants, and dance, the memories are brought to life for all to share. In order to learn these stories and how to perform them, they go through intense emotional and rigorous training. There were occasions where some were unable to reach the high standards, and some even died during training. Students were given no feedback during their training, and when they accomplished one task, they are moved on to another, always in forward motion. To train with a Kahuna is considered the greatest honour a family could experience in Hawaii.

Today, there is one living Kahuna who lives and teaches the ancient principles. His name is Kahu and his lineage can be traced to the order of ‘Olohe.He has taught thousands of people the universal principles of Kahuna, and has westernised the teachings so they are more appealing to greater groups of people. Today, the Kahuna training is considered personal development, based in spiritual transformation, and uses the mind to gain access to the ancient memories.

How Kahuna Bodywork Works

Kahuna works with leverage, motion, and posture and sets the body into fluid motion. This brings creates space to bring changes on a physical level, as well as emotional and psychological level. The movements lack intention, but tune into sensitivity, and allow for easy flow of movement in the shoulders, hips, neck, and ankles. This give the body a sense of freedom and expansion. The bodywork includes massage as well as Hula and Shamanism.

The bodywork emphasises a connection between the client and the practitioner. The ancient techniques are channelled through the heart and hands, creating movements that are described as grounding, nurturing, and energetic. Some call it “loving hands.” When energy is free to flow throughout the body, the body is considered in a state of health.

The Kahuna Philosophy

The philosophy of Kahuna lies in the integration and awakening of the levels of the mind. The lower self lies in the solar plexus, where all memories are retained. The middle self is in the head, and holds thoughts, feelings, and short term memories. Finally is the highest self is at a level above human understanding. It is the most intelligent of the three levels of self.

Training for Kahuna Bodywork

Training involves learning to enable others to create changes within themselves. It is similar to martial arts exercise, and emphasises body awareness. The bodywork includes several massage modalities including therapeutic, remedial, deep tissue, and Swedish. The body is considered a script telling the story of one’s life. Sessions are designed specifically for the client, and the treatment is relaxing and energising. It has the ability to remove neck pain, stimulate blood flow, and unlock energy.

Benefits of Kahuna Bodywork

  • Encourages movement
  • Helps with balance and leverage
  • Allows energy and oxygen into the cells
  • Rejuvenates circulation
  • Restores vitality to digestive system
  • Aids with anxiety and depression
  • Generates a feeling of over well-being
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