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Kaishore Guggulu: Ayurveda Herbal Remedy


An Ayurveda Remedy With Anti-allergic And Antibacterial Properties

Kaishore guggulu or Kishore guggul is a herbal remedy based on purified guggulipid in ayurvedic medicine. Antiallergic, antibacterial and blood purifying properties are found in this herbal preparation.

Reference Book Of Kaishore Guggulu:

Kaishore guggul was first mentioned in ‘Sharangadhara Samhita’, a middle order prominent textbook of ayurveda.

Ingredients Of Kaishore Guggulu:

  1. Triphala or triple myrobalan – 2.56 kilograms
  2. Giloya or Tinospora cordifolia – 640 gms
  3. Guggul or guggulgum – 640 gms
  4. Powder of Triphala 80gms
  5. Giloya or Tinospora cordifolia powder 40gms
  6. Shunthi or dried ginger powder 20 gms
  7. Maricha or black pepper 20 gms
  8. Pippali or long pepper 20 gms
  9. Vaividanga or Emblia ribes 20 gms
  10. Jaipal or Croton tiglium root 10 gm
  11. Nishotha or Indian turpeth root powder 10 gms.
  12. Castor oil
  13. Water

Method Of Preparation Of Kaishore Guggulu:

Triphala and giloya are cut into small pieces manually or into a pulverizer. They are dipped overnight into 20 liter of water. In the morning, this water is boiled until 1/4th or 5 liter of water is left. Then, decoction is prepared by filtering this water.

In this decoction of triphala and giloya, purified guggulgum is added and this mixture is heated slowly so that we get syrup like liquid of hard consistency.

Now, powders of herbs (number 4 to 11) are added and this mixture is pounded (stricken again and again) either by hand or in a mortar and pestle or in chattu machine. 

Processing this mixture for some hours decreases the particle size and increases the bioavailability of the mixture. Thereafter, tablets are made from this gum like mixture in tablet machine or by hand.

Tablet Size Of Kaishore Guggulu:

Tablets are prepared of kaishore guggul either by hand or by tablet machine. The average size varies between 250-500 mg per tablet.

Dosage Kaishore Guggulu:

The dosage of kaishore guggul is 750-1500 mg twice a day or 1.5-3.0 gms in a day. It is taken with milk or water or herbal decoction.

Benefit And Uses Of Kaishore Guggulu:

Gout, abscess, cough, tumor, skin disorders, edema, abdominal disorders, anemia, urinary disorders, indigestion, constipation, diabetic carbuncles are the disorders supported by kaishore guggul.

Vata and blood related disorders are pacified by the use of kaishore guggul. So gout, skin disorders and blood disorders are some of indications for its use in ayurvedic medicine.

Comments About Kaishore Guggulu:

Kaishore guggul has three main constituents triphala, giloya and guggul. Triphala is mild cleansinng and detoxifying agent whose colon cleanse action is fortified by nishotha and jaipala seeds. Triphala possesses cooling and astringent properties that pacifies the vitiation of all the three humors.

Giloya is anti-pitta and relieves the disorders of blood. Giloya is a proven immune system enhancing herb.

Together with the above two ingredients, guggul subordinates the allergic disorders, blood disorders, various infections.

Kaishore guggul is used in ayurvedic clinical practice for acne, urticaria, allergic disorders, skin disorders, abscess, boils, diabetic furuncles. Chronic cough and sorethroat with mild infection do respond well.

I do use it in allergic rhinitis, sorethroat with other ayurvedic medicine. Allergic rhinitis not associated with polyps or mucosal hypertrophy is relieved by this formulation.

Side Effects And Precautions With Kaishore Guggulu:

Kaishore guggul is one of the guggul based herbal formulations that doesn’t irritate stomach because of other supportive ingredients. So it is safe for internal use.

Its use should be restricted in pregnant ladies. Breast feeding mothers can use it under ayurvedic doctor’s supervision.

Ayurvedic herbal remedies are used as combination so people are not advised to use it by reading this informative description. However for the purpose of blood purification, kaishore guggulu can be used.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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