Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kegel Exercises for Emotional Trauma Stress Relief


This process is for more awareness of your body when you are feeling traumatized by a flashback, a new stressor that kicked in a reaction again that feels very familiar. It probably is familiar and the reason the stress found a home in you so quickly is because the “table is already set” from previous incidents. You have reacted to some kind of stress in the past and though it may not be the same that might have just occurred, nonetheless, your nervous system is prepared for fight, flight, or freeze.

If an incident occurred that seemingly has not feeling of similarity to it, but the nervous system responds as though it is familiar with the memory, it could/may have happened at a time where you were too young to read this…Traumas go back to the womb and before, so the memory does not have to be conscious. But the nervous system which has recorded it recognizes it as a “table which has been set” for pain of a new stressor or a continuing one.

When animals are in a chase, ie a zebra with a lion or hyena, and the zebra has made it to safety, neatly outwitting the predator, s/he goes back to grazing quietly or resting. It’s heart rate slows down and it does not even begin to have a nervous breakdown because it only does not know it knows it has just been spared its life.

It becomes more experienced the more this kind of event occurs, but it does not obsess about how it almost got killed by its predator. It’s muscles naturally calm down because its mind is not kicking in flashbacks; nor talks to its family members about the incident to drive deeper into its psyche how it almost “got it”: it does not go into trauma as we know it.

With us however, because we have an awareness that knows we know, our emotions handle danger in different ways. Some of us can have a same trauma happen to us, ie having our car stolen and one can walk away singing hymns of praise of gratitude for the mercy spared him/her and not think of it anymore after a short period of time. While another person, because of his/her own brand of programming will burrow the shock and horror of it so deep into the flesh and psyche that for the next 40 years the incident keeps flashing back as though it happened just today.

These exercises are very useful with chronic trauma or “in this moment stress” ie the boss comes over to my desk and tells me my report is due in 3 hours not 3 days…When the news hits my ears and I feel the feelings of anxiety in my body and feel where they have landed in my body, ie my gut, one can begin to remove the toxic effects from the rush of emotions by doing a number of body awareness modalities, in this case, Kegel Exercises.

Because our pelvic floor and first chakra and security/survival/fear are tied together relationally, it is not uncommon to lose control of one’s bladder or bowels in a frightening situation.

So in the example I just cited, that of becoming anxious about the traumatic news that my report is due in 3 hours and not 3 days, I can call on a Kegel exercise among the others in my “toolbox” of centering techniques for gathering my wits.

With the Kegel exercises, you will need to practice enough to have them available to you in such an instance, but once you get the hang of them, you are prepared to dispel the body of the fear of the chase of a tiger after you… or in this case your boss who wants his report asap 🙂

You will learn from the information you can gather on the internet by googling Kegel, to learn to isolate the orifices in the pelvic floor (the pubococcygeus muscles)

Specifically, I am talking about the bladder and anal muscles and for the women, the bladder, anal and vaginal muscles.

Since you are reading this on the net, I would like to leave the description to the sites you can search for the directions. I am guessing you will find adequate information to educate yourselves about the process.

Kegel’s are useful to help the reproductive organs in men and women; and with women and suggested for her after she gives birth.

Kegels are important through all of our aging processes because of the wide spectrum of emotions from fear to rage. Using the Kegels to help ease the contraction on the sphincters, the gates between the different parts of the digestive, and aids in anxiety/cardio pain reduction, brain stimulation and digestive efficiency, to name just a few of the benefits. By doing the total, concentrated tightening of the muscles completely and then consciously releasing completely, using the practice often, can aid in more efficient “shut off” of the signals to go into contraction in future upsets.

  • 1. Don’t talk while eating…at least while you are chewing. You “throw out”/waste energy by doing so, and can lead to overeating.
  • 2. Once you have retired for the day, don’t talk nor read in bed. It seems the Emperor taught that by doing so led one to not being able to think straight.
  • 3. No water/liquid to excess.
  • 4. Be temperate with sex. Overindulgence weakens.
May Ling
Macrobiotics & natural health practitioner of Chinese decent. May Ling provides a Yin-Yang perspective to holistic health and natural healing. Contact:

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