Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Kids Cooking For Life


Some of the Problems With Kids Today

There are huge problems in the world today that face children when it comes to eating. In the last 30 years, childhood obesity has tripled. In the United States alone, almost one in three children are considered overweight.

This is mainly due to a lack of exercise and the fact that bad eating habits are far more common. Being overweight at such a young age leaves kids susceptible to many very serious health issues. Health problems like diabetes, heart disease and various cancers are far more likely to occur in these young people. These health concerns are one of the main reasons why organizations called Kids Cooking For Life is so important.

What is Kids Cooking For Life

Kids Cooking For Life is a non profit organization that teaches kids the benefits of cooking and eating healthy foods. They do this by providing hands on cooking classes for low income children. These programs have 4 goals in mind:

They try to help children gain the confidence to prepare and cook a healthy and nutritious meal on their own.

To expand and improve the children’s knowledge of both nutrition and it’s importance to their over all health.

How to cook clean and safe meals. They also learn about food sanitation and what they should do to help avoid food contamination.

Improve the children’s awareness of the different varieties of foods. Where certain foods come from and the benefits that some foreign food can provide them. Explaining the difference between various seasonal fruits and vegetables.

They believe that by instilling this knowledge and these skills in younger children that they can truly make a difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of their families and friends. By taking these small steps in the right direction when it comes to cooking and eating healthy foods, the organization hopes to be able to make a significant difference in the growing trend of bad eating habits in America.

What They Are Trying To Do

Since they started, Kids Cooking For Life has reached over 4,000 young people and their families through cooking classes, community events and even public workshops.

They are looking to expand this program to reach even more children.

Recently, they have teamed up with Marin Organic, another non profit organization that is designed to teach people the importance of healthy organic foods and farming, by integrating their healthy cooking classes into their Farm Field Studies Program.

The ultimate goal here is to allow children in low income homes and schools to learn how to prepare food directly from the farm and create healthy and delicious meals.

How You Can Help Them

Because they are a non profit organization, they are looking for some financial help from the general public. These funds will go towards staffing, scheduling, tools and utensils and to cover various other costs that are needed to help the program succeed.

On May 14th, 2014 Kids Cooking For Life started a funding campaign on They are looking for people to back their cause and are giving away perks for those who do. You can donate anywhere from $5 to over $1,000, every little bit helps. Those who donate even $5 will get a thank you card from them. If you are interested in helping the children of America learn how to prepare and cook healthy foods that will greatly improve their lives in the long run, visit them today.


  1. Paula R

    I make sure all my children know how to cook from a young age. They do still like things that are unhealthy but things in balance is not too bad.
    The amount of sugar, salt and fat in a jar of cooking or pasta sauce has made sure they will never be used by either myself or my children again.

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