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Kiwi Detox Recipes


A kiwi measures approximately three inches long and weighs around four ounces.

For such a small fruit, it’s packed with nutrition and health benefits.

The oval shaped fruit wears a brown fuzzy skin.

Inside you’ll find the delicious emerald green flesh with small black seeds.

This fruit is unique and delicious eaten alone. But its flavor is complementary with bananas, strawberries, oranges and many other fruits.

It also complements salads, meats, and desserts.

Kiwi Nutrition and Health Benefits

Slices of Kiwi

One kiwi is approximately 45 calories and provides Vitamins C and E, fiber, copper, potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

Tone Your Skin

This fruit is rich in ascorbic acid which works as an astringent to neutralize bacteria and tighten the skin’s pores.

Toner Made Easy

Mash one kiwi and pour one-half cup of boiling water over it. Let it stand until it cools.

Add one-half tablespoon of vodka and blend well. Apply using a cotton ball.

This will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for a week to ten days.

Good For Your Heart

Research conducted in Norway revealed reduced blood clots by eighteen percent and triglycerides by fifteen percent when you consume three kiwis daily.

This fruit is rich in phytonutrients which prevent blood clotting and control fatty acid levels in your blood.

Stimulating Aroma

The citrus aroma arouses the reticular activating system. This is the part of your brain that controls alertness. This can give you a boost of instant energy.

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