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Klonopin (clonazepam) for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD): Does it Work?


Some people take a drug called Klonopin which has been prescribed for social anxiety. It has another brand name (Rivotril) but it’s proper name is clonazepam. This page shows it’s potential performance, it’s side-effects and what normal doses are.

Klonopin is a member of the Benzodiazepines, a group of meds that, in the long run, you can get nothing positive from.

Is Klonopin effective for social anxiety?

Like all Benzo’s, Klonopin blocks the nerve receptors in the brain. This often reduces, and sometimes stops, anxiety. Whilst that sounds great, Klonopin only covers up the disorder, allowing it to thrive beneath the drugs.

The effects of Klonopin last for 18-50 hours, which is one of the longest “half-life’s” out of all of the types of Benzodiazepines. 

You’d be feeling the effects within 30 minutes. 

This effectiveness is not a certainty though, because like any drug, it works for some people and not for others.

Does using Klonopin
have side-effects?

You can bet your life it’s got side-effects! Before you see them below, first know that the discomfort caused by these side-effects far outweighs the possible positive effects.

Taking klonopin for social anxiety is NOT worthwhile.

Drowsiness Memory Loss
Disinhibition Sexual Dysfunction (long term)
Depression (can cause or worsen it)

Tolerance (your body resists it)

Your body can become tolerant to klonopin, which means you need more of the drug to achieve the relaxed effect that you want. However, the more you take, the worse the side-effects become.


Your body eventually begins to notice it’s need for the drug and to symbolise this need, it gives you withdrawal symptoms. 

You can reach a stage where if you take the drug, the side effects are really uncomfortable, yet if you don’t take it, the withdrawal symptoms are also uncomfortable.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

Are you already on Klonopin treatment?
Don’t worry – it will NOT harm you.

The withdrawal symptoms and side-effects FEEL nasty, but they’re not as harmful as they seem. Klonopin will NOT kill you. It won’t compromise your physical health. 

What are the regular dosages of
Klonopin for Social Phobia?

0.5mg is a normal dose in the beginning. Many people become satisfied with the effects at 1mg but if not, it’s common to go up to 1.5 or 2mg doses.

The tablets come in 0.5, 1 and 2mg sizes

It’s also worth knowing that…

Klonopin usually costs from 4 – 6 US dollars per pill. Expensive!
This drug impairs your ability to drive, or use machinery.

Studies comparing it to other benzodiazepines are good, yet it is not a long term solution to be living on these kinds of medications.

The present study suggests that clonazepam is as efficacious as other benzodiazepines for the treatment of various anxiety disorders. Furthermore, the safety profile of clonazepam was superior to the other benzodiazepines in this study.

As The Side-Effects Imply, Klonopin
Just Cannot Be The Way Forward For You.

The negative effects of this stuff are just too disorientating. Medication for social anxiety just isn’t the solution. It’s that simple. 

Your behaviour created social anxiety disorder, and it’ll be the use of new behaviour that gets you out of it.

Emily Murdoch
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