Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Kristen Stewart: Diet Food Plan, Detox & Workout Routine


Kristen Stewart is known for her lead appearances in “Twilight” as Bella Swan where she always looked so slim and healthy… it led to questions!

How does Kristen Stewart lose weight and keep her body in shape? What does she eat and what diet plan does she follow? Does she detox her body regularly? What exercise and workout routine does Kristen do?

Detox Diet Plan

As it turns out Kristen Stewart doesn’t actually follow a strict diet plan to lose weight and stay in shape. She “loves eating” and is a real foodie.

However she eats in moderation, follows a diet of high protein and carbs generally yet does not go over the top with it. She stays on the side of caution of course and keeps her calories low.

Workout Routine

Kristen only started working out regularly when she was preparing for her part as Snow White in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

She had to get in shape fast for the part and so in 2012 started to workout regularly and it has stuck.

K-Stew hired a personal trainer to get her body ready for the movie. They used a variety of different training and workout methods from using dumbbells to body weight exercises like push-ups and crunches.

As well as doing squats, and different types of weight and resistance training exercises, Kristen also did Bikram Yoga. Also known as “hot yoga” or “Yoga of the stars

Kristen Stewart Comments

Do you know more about Kristen Stewart’s workout routines, her diet plans and detoxing? Reply in the comments!

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