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Lactose Intolerance: Becoming Lactose-Free


How common is Lactose Intolerance? Almost 70% of the world’s population has this problem.

Can we have a lactose-free diet? Yes, we can make changes.

It’s caused by a deficiency of lactase, which is an enzyme that absorbs and digests milk sugar. When it’s not digested, it ferments in our intestine, creating stomach pain, gas, bloating and diarrhea.

Lactose intolerance is sometimes misdiagnosed as a bowel disorder.

If you have this condition, you should consult your doctor.

Your Tolerance Level

What you eat and drink depends on your tolerance level for lactose. Some of us can manage small portions of milk products, especially combined with other foods. Others may have to take supplements to help digest the milk products.

You can control your intolerance by modifying your diet. It’s recommended you get the assistance of a nutritionist or dietitian.

Read the nutrition labels for the ingredient list on products before buying them. If whey, curds, milk by-products or dry milk is included, it has lactose.

Products That Aid in Lactose Intolerance

  •     Lactaid and Dairy Ease – These have an enzyme to help digest milk products. They come in caplets or drops.
  •     Lacteeze and Dairy Ease – special milk products
  •     Soy milk

Lactose Free Diet – Food and Drink You Can Have

  •     Reduced or Lactose Free milk, rice milk, soy milk, non-dairy creamers.
  •     Fats and oil from margarine, butter, bacon with zero milk or whey, dressings minus milk or cheese, olives, vegetable oils, olives, non-dairy cream and mayonnaise.
  •     Beverages like non-dairy supplements such as Nutren and Ensure, juices from vegetables and fruit, tea, wine, beer, distilled alcohol, carbonated beverages, cocoa and most coffee.
  •     Water based breads, pasta, potatoes, rice and rice cakes, graham crackers, dry cereals, oats, barley, cornmeal and other plain grains.
  •     Fresh, frozen, canned or dried fruits and vegetables.
  •     Fresh or frozen plain meats, fish and poultry, eggs, kosher prepared meats, wild game, peas, beans or lentils. Check the labels before buying breaded products.
  •     Soybean and tofu products.
  •     Pretzels, corn tortilla chips, popcorn, salsa, ketchup, uncreamed horseradish, mustard, pickles, sauces that are milk free, molasses, corn syrup, honey, sugar, jams, maple syrup, spices and herbs.
  •     Peanut butter, nuts and seeds.
  •     Hard candy, jelly beans, peanut brittle, gum drops and other chocolate free candies. Be sure to read the nutrition labels.
  •     Soups from broth, bouillon, meat, or vegetables. Chowders and bisque mad with water, soy milk or lactose-free milk.

These are some examples, again it’s very important to check labels. There are a lot of products that are lactose free or reduced that you can use.

Calcium can be obtained through vegetables, orange juice, soymilk and rice milk, and in supplement form.

We are all different in what we can tolerate. Basically, we learn through trial and error by trying different products.

The only treatment is diet modification and lifestyle changes.

Lactose Free Diets and Books

How to Tolerate Lactose Intolerance: Recipes & A Guide for Eating Well Without Dairy Products

200 Best Lactose-Free Recipes: From Appetizers and Soups to Main Courses and Desserts

Lactose Intolerance Products

Lactaid Lactase Enzyme Supplement

Pharmax Dairy-Ease

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