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Life Coaching


Life coaching is a growing field that focuses on developing direction and self-awareness. Many people seek help from a professional life coach in order to create new ways of dealing with everyday situations. Each individual is unique so it is necessary to cater to the specific needs of the client.


The support of a coach can be helpful in a number of different areas. Typical topics of interest include decision-making, interpersonal interactions, developing deeper relationships, and career choices. Many seek help for personal growth as well.

Objective Support

One of the benefits of adopting a life coach into your plans is objectivity. Seeking guidance from an impartial individual is a wonderful way to see your situation clearly. It is nearly impossible to see a situation clearly while in the midst of it. Perception is a key factor, and having the support of an objective source that can offer a realistic perception can yield excellent results.

Breaking patterns is another important factor to consider. Many people naturally follow the same system of behavior in different areas of their lives. The patterns of behavior typically develop out of a self-perception. For example, a person who sees herself as shy exhibits the behavior of a shy person. A life coach may be able to help this person see herself objectively, allowing her to create new core beliefs.

System of Beliefs

Life coaching touches upon the individual’s core belief system, much the same way as a cognitive therapist addresses patterns of thought. The approach can help change self-deprecating belief systems, turning them into positive, proactive beliefs. The new system relies on realistic perception and objectivity.

Scattered Energy

Scattered energy is a prime example of a problem that can be addressed by a life coach. The problem stems from a lack of self-awareness and a pattern of indecisiveness. Focus and tenacity often leads to great success, and lack of focus leads to many unfinished plans and projects.

A life coach can effectively help a person discover which path is best to take, whether for the right career, relationship or personal development. Direction is an important aspect of success. When a person tends to become involved in too many projects, none gets the attention it requires for optimal success.

The Coaches

An important topic to address is what types of professionals make the best life coaches. Many people enter this field because they have training in a related area. Ideally, life coaches have backgrounds in any of the following:

  • Therapist
  • Counselor
  • Fitness trainer
  • Motivational speaker
  • Financial planner
  • Educator
  • Professional organizer
  • Consultant

The Future of Life Coaching

The future of life coaching is very promising, as evidenced by its dramatic growth. CNN notes that the field of life coaching is growing rapidly, with the number of life coaches nearly doubling over the past five years. The news report also indicates that the coaches are not regulated. It is advised that anyone seeking this type of guidance should research the coach before entering any agreements.

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