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Life Skills Coaching Diploma Courses


If you deal well with people, have leadership skills, and have a true empathy for other people, you may do very well as a life coach, also known as a personal coach or a life skills coach. In order to break into this field, you will need to take life skills coaching course, and obtain certification.

There are numerous life skills courses to choose from, but you need to make sure that the program you participate in is approved by the International Coaching Federation, or ICF. If the course is not approved, obtaining certification through this organization may prove difficult.

Life Skills Coaches work in a variety of settings. They often have a private practice, but they may work for large organizations or corporations as well. Typically, those who have private practices earn the most money, but only if they can build a client base. This is often the greatest challenge for those who do not opt to work for another organization or corporation.

Your job, as a life skills coach, will be to work with individuals or small groups to draw out the best that they have to offer. You may help them to get past any self doubts that they may have, or help them to figure out how to remove any roadblocks that may be preventing them from giving or getting the best that they can give or get.

Because of the nature of the work that you will do, it is essential that you know how to remove your own roadblocks, and that you are giving and getting your best. If you cannot do this for yourself, you certainly cannot do it for others, and this matters a great deal to your success. For this reason, many people who are considering this career will hire a private life coach first, or while they are in training.

Recommended Coaching Courses

Course Title: Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
Company Name: The Institute for Life Coach Training
Location: Palm Coast, Florida, United States
Description: The Institute for Life Coach Training is approved by the International Coach Federation, which is an important organization in the life coaching field. The program meets all of the requirements for testing and membership through this organization.

Course Title: Certified Coach
Company Name: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
Location: 149 Avenue at the Common, Suite 202, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, United States
Description: This program will do more than teach you the basics of coaching. The program teaches you how to help others through relationships, and to grow as a person yourself in the process.

Course Title: Certified Coach Program
Company Name: Coach Training Alliance
Location: 885 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, Colorado, United States
Description: This program offers group mentoring, one-on-one instruction, self study, and the opportunity to observe. Two options are offered – the regular coaching program and an accelerated program.

Course Title: Certified Personal Coach Program
Company Name: International Coach Academy
Location: P.O. Box 3190 Mentone East, Melbourne, Australia
Description: This is an internationally recognized program, and is approved by the International Coach Federation. You can receive an Associate Certified Coach credential or become a Professional Certified Coach.

Course Title: Advanced Coaching Program
Company Name: Coach U
Location: 11523 Palm Brush Trail, #354, Bradenton, Florida, United States
Description: Through this program, you will be eligible to become an Associate Certified Coach, a Professional Certified Coach, or a Master Certified Coach, with credentials through the International Coach Federation.

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