Saturday, June 15, 2019

Liposuction Dangers: Risks, Side Effects & Complications


So liposuction is a completely safe and risk-free surgery with no dangers at all, right?


The common dangers of liposuction are real; they aren’t just cliche.

The surgeon may tell you liposuction is safe and downplay its dangers and risks, if you’re unfortunate to get one who’s not qualified, unscrupulous and desperate for business.

Can’t blame you, really, when you’ve this intense desire to shed the excess body fat to have an attractive silhouette.

Your sense of judgment could take a back seat because you want the surgery badly.

You forget that liposuction is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia, invasive entrance to and manipulation of your body.

(P/S: The surgery needs fluid, which includes an anesthetic called “Lidocaine” that the surgeon injects into, under the skin of the treated area.

He or she also adds “Epinephrine” to the fluid to slow the bleeding. He or she then cuts into the area and inserts a canula, which in turn attaches to a vacuum that sucks the fatty deposits out of the area)

Like it or not, you need to be fully aware of the dangers, “minor” or “serious” ones.

“Minor” Dangers of Liposuction

  • You could end up with not so well-hidden scars which are larger and more prominent than you like
  • You could also end up with loose skin if the surgeon removes too much fat from the area or from several areas in one surgery setting
  • You could have a surgeon who’s not qualified (but claims that he is), hence does a shoddy piece of work on you such as excessive removal of fat, disfigurement and deformity
  • You could experience numbness or fainting spell after the surgery
  • You could have an allergic reaction to medication or anesthesia
  • You could have infection

“Serious” Dangers of Liposuction

  • The larger the amount of fat removed, the more dangerous it is for you because you would incur more blood loss
  • The surgeon might injure or perforate your vital organs
  • Fat or blood clots which can migrate to the lungs and lead to death
  • Excessive fluid loss which can lead to shock and in some cases, death
  • If the surgeon removes too much fat from a treated area in one single setting, or if you’ve too much liposuction performed in a single day – these can cause problems including dents, lumps and sagging skin
  • If you’ve a chronic medical condition such as heart or kidney disease, you should avoid liposuction because it’s dangerous for you to undergo the surgery

The Right Thing to do…

I’m not for liposuction; neither should you, if you love your body.

Simple. It’s a surgery that’s not medically necessary. You can do far better with exercise and a healthy diet, anytime, any day, to deal with the fat in your body.

The surgery is costly, incur recovery “downtime” as you need time to recover (be realistic about it, you’re undergoing a surgery, so no matter how simple it is, you go under the “knife”….and there’s wound inside and out that takes time to heal…..).

If you really must go for the surgery, you must fully understand the dangers of liposuction, the full procedure, the risks, the effects and your expectations.

Disclose your entire medical history and all your regular medications and drugs to your surgeon. It’s important you do this to minimize your risk.

And go to a reputable surgeon who’s a board-certified professional with good standing in his or her field, who cares enough to explain clearly and thoroughly the dangers, risks, side effects, complications and what you can expect, in respect of the surgery.

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