Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Effects of Liposuction are Not Permanent


How Long do you really Think the Effects of Liposuction Last?

I think I’m touching on a very controversial topic here.

Permanent? 1-5 years? Or could it be that fat may return? (The fat cells yell at you: “I shall be back”?!…..)

Hot topic, this.

First, let’s kill this myth about fat cells.

That we’ve a set number of cells, so when you remove the fat, you won’t have the worry you’ll gain fat, at least not for a long, long time.

However, research shows that this isn’t entirely true.

This is because fat cells that remain in the treated area and in other areas, would still do their work – they fill up with more fat if you consume more calories than you burn.

A dilemma even – you might now be more prone to gaining weight in areas where you don’t have liposuction as these areas now contain proportionately more fat cells.

And for an adult, you can develop brand new fat cells when you need to store the extra fat (from the high-calorie food you consume) than your body has room for.

So, let’s say liposuction sucks out fat from your abs, later on you might find that your arms or butts or hips or thighs or anywhere else in your body, which have fat cells, get fatter.

If you gain lots of weight, fat cells that remain would increase in size and also there’s likelihood of new fat cell growths in the areas treated with liposuction.

The Effects are not Permanent

The journal “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery” conducts a survey on more than 200 people who have undergone liposuction surgery (most have undergone it for more than 2 years).

The results are amazing:

  • 81% have not lost any weight
  • 43% have actually gained more weight (most gains 5-10 lbs of weight)

The researchers conclude that for effects of liposuction to last long, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy diet, after the surgery.

The interesting thing is that if in the first place, you commit to exercise and eat a healthy diet, very likely you can prevent weight gain, lose weight and keep it off permanently..

Errr…..without the need for liposuction which is costly , carries risks, could give you complications and lots of unnecessary “stress” and ‘trauma” if side effects creep in.

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