Thursday, June 4, 2020

Lomi Lomi Massage


The term Lomi Lomi means massage, and as the name suggests, Lomi Lomi massage is a core technique. The approach is an ancient form of stimulation that works on the theory of interconnectedness between the body and the world. Notions that the body is connected with its surroundings may seem a little disconnected to massage therapies, but there is good reason that Lomi Lomi has stood the test of time.

Huna Philosophy

Lomi Lomi massage stems form ancient Polynesia practices. Hawaiian master healers have incorporated this approach for centuries, and its healing qualities make it ideal for the culture. Many people find the underlying Huna philosophy to be the source of the healing process.

Huna is a Hawaiian philosophy that believes that everything seeks two things: love and harmony. The drive for these two elements in life is a force that can be channeled during various healing treatments, including massage therapy. Some call Lomi Lomi massage “Loving Hands” massaging. The loving hands focus on stimulating the body with a pure purpose of spreading love and inner peace.

Mental Connections

Many current philosophies focus on the power of positive thinking in an individual. The Lomi Lomi massage technique seems to bring the notion of positive forces as transferable from one individual to another. The energy produced by the loving hands translates into the muscles of the recipient, creating a natural flow.

The motion of the massage is very gentle but quite deep. The relaxation that develops through the session helps the recipient reach a state of being that is unassuming and no longer self-conscious. Losing self-consciousness is similar to reaching a higher level of relating to the world, reaching an “oneness” with the environment.

The process flows from the massage therapist, through the recipient, and into the surroundings. The technique has many benefits, especially in the realm of energy, programming and the body.


We commonly associate our programming with mental processes. For example, a person’s core belief system is believed to be held within the mind, whether on a conscious or subconscious level. Proponents of Lomi Lomi massage suggest that programming exists within the body as well as the mind.
Effective massage therapy can address the physical problems that many people experience, especially muscular and skeletal problems. However, the massage may be able to treat other obstacles that a person faces.

  • Negative thought processes
  • Old patterns of beliefs
  • Poor habits
  • Limiting behaviors
  • Memory focus

The notion that these elements can be address by using massage is unusual to say the least, but if you look at the deep connection between the mind and body, the approach makes sense. When people are under considerable stress, they are less able to ward off illness.

The body is a continuous system that has primary functioning on a cellular level. This includes the cells of the various systems of the body. The muscles, brain, organs, and blood store programming and memory within each cell rather than storing these elements solely in the mind. When Lomi Lomi massage therapy is incorporated, the individual experiences healing and re-patterning on a cellular level.

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