Friday, August 14, 2020

Lose More Weight with Seaweed Fiber


Seaweed has been used extensively in Asian food for centuries, but did you know that it can actually be a valuable aid in losing weight? If more people knew this information, more people would make it a point to include seaweed in their diets. Most people are not aware of this, however, because the information is fairly new.

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Seaweed Fiber and Fat

Seaweed Fiber acts to block the absorption of fat in the human body. Research has shown that it can block up to 75% of the fat that is consumed per meal. This is huge for those who have a problem with over absorption of fat when they eat, and a good reason to add seaweed fiber to the foods that you eat. You see, you do not have to eat seaweed alone to gain the benefits of it. There are products on the market today that can be included in a wide range of foods for the same benefits that would be derived from just consuming seaweed.

Seaweed is full of alginates. It is these alginates that do the work to block the fat. Sea Kelp is the most type of seaweed that is usually consumed, but many other types of seaweed are also consumable, and will provide you with the same benefits as well.

Interesting Seaweed Fiber Research

The latest research on Seaweed Fiber was conducted through Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. The research was performed using an artificial digestive system, and more than 60 different types of fiber were tested. Of those sixty different types of fiber, seaweed fiber showed the most promise. It was also found that when compared to other over the counter diet products, this fiber was the most beneficial in terms of weight loss. The results of this research were presented at the American Chemical Societies Spring Meeting in San Francisco.

Including Seaweed Fiber in Your Diet

You may already be consuming a small amount of seaweed fiber in your diet. Many food producers are using this fiber to thicken some foods, and to stabilize others. Unfortunately, the amounts used are not enough to truly reap the benefits of the fiber in terms of weight loss.

Luckily, with this new research, you are more likely to see more of this fiber added to foods, including bread, yogurt, and other pre-prepared foods that you might buy. You will also begin seeing products that can be added to foods that you prepare at home, just as any other spice is sprinkled on food.

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