Friday, November 27, 2020

How To Lose “Thunder Thighs” + “Saddlebags” Hip Fat


Every woman alive wants a slim, sexy body… and there is no place more coveted than lean legs and thighs. Many women suffer from being out of proportion, or, having large thighs and a skinny upper body. Others, have problems with cellulite or jiggly “thunder thighs”.

There is no way to deny the fact that society is very concerned about external beauty and looking great. The media has shown us what the perfect body is “supposed” to look like and it’s slim, toned and curvy all at the same time. It’s certainly a tough act to follow, but by doing the right things, at the right times, you too can get a slim and very sexy body.

Most women have a very common problem of storing a lot of fat in their thighs and hips before any other part of their bodies. It seems that everything rushes to be stored there and not evenly throughout the whole body. This is most likely to do with our evolutionary past, and the thighs simply being a good place for women to store fat.

Some also claim that it’s related to genetics. This is often said because some people have an even amount of weight storied in different areas of their bodies, while others only seem to gain it in very specific areas. Which can result in an uneven or out of proportion look.

With proper training and dieting, you can achieve a very attractive and athletic look regardless of your body type.

First you need to realize that there is no amount of crunches or squats or running you can do to burn fat if you don’t have a good diet to go with it. The only people who can get away with eating a pizza and then burning the fat with 2 intense hours at the gym are those who have low body fat and want to maintain it, but if you have a high level of body fat and you expect to get rid of it with nothing but exercise, you are going to be very disappointed.

The truth is that if you had to choose between a good diet and exercise in order to lose fat, you would have to pick the diet. The problem with doing nothing but dieting is that you are going to end up looking slim but not toned. The result of good dieting and no exercise is not very attractive, so the best thing is to combine both if you want to have good results that will last long. Remember that another important benefit to doing this is that your health will also improve.

Your workouts need to be intense and cardio should be the main focus because this kind of exercise burns a lot of fat. You need to combine that with a very clean diet that is low on carbs and sugars. Get rid of the diet sodas, the chocolate and the junk food. You can have a cheat day on the weekends, but this means eating a slice of cheese cake or having a chocolate bar. If you eat a gallon of ice cream on your cheat day you are ruining your gains completely.

The reason sugar is a big “no no”,is because it causes a spike in your blood sugar level. When this happens, your pancreas become stimulated and releases a hormone called Insulin. This hormone is tasked with the job of lowering your blood sugar levels by removing the sugar from your blood and storing it.

One of the places it stores this excess sugar is in your liver. However, the storage space in your liver is limited and becomes full very quickly. After that, it stores some in your muscles. But, like your liver, this also gets full quickly… so… the final, and worst place that it stores the sugar – is in your fat cells!

That’s right.

It shuttles all the excess sugar and is stored as glucose in your fat cells, to be “used at a later time”. In reality, if you continue to eat a lot of sugar, it just builds up and up and up. And, soon enough, the fat piles onto your body. So definitely avoid sugar.

Drinking plenty of water is also going to help you and the most important thing is that you split your current three means a day and turn them into six meals. This doesn’t mean that you will increase the amount of food you eat. What you will do is take those 3 meals and distribute them into six smaller servings. Eating more times a day is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. Just make sure that you eat clean with plenty of fish, fruits and vegetables on your diet.

Start by doing these simple things, step-by-step, and you will reduce much of the fat stored around your hips and thighs.


  1. jemma

    I have these giant thunder thighs and am startinbg to lose the fat today. I have been planning on losing weight for a long time but I really am not overweight for my body type it is just my big fat thighs that are holding me back. I know some people say you should just love your body type regardless of what it is but I really don’t think having these big thighs suits me at all and now I am doing everything I can to lose them.

    I do wonder though if I lose a lot of weight what kind of effect that will have on me because my upper body is already quite slim. Why do I have thunder thighs when I don’t have a big upper body?

  2. Carla

    This is a great article. I’ve been looking for ways to slim my thighs – they’re HUGE (!). My fat goes straight to my thighs; it’s so annoying and makes me look bottom heavy.

  3. Marie C.

    There are actually women that have bigger thighs because of their genes but this doesn’t mean you can’t tone them down. I have a close friend that has such an issue but she is working towards reducing her thighs. She started 2 years ago and the results are very visible right now.

  4. natalie

    I am still surprised by how increasing your water consumption can make a difference in how effective your workouts are! It seems to make everything easier because your body is able to work harder and run the way it’s supposed to.

  5. Anne

    Well, it seems not only abs are made in the kitchen…but also beautiful legs!
    You gave me the final push I needed to stop eating junk. I’ve always hated my thighs and waged war against them, when I should’ve just waged war against the shit I put in my body. Goddamnit!
    Awesome article, very informative, thank you SO MUCH!

    I really need to remind myself to drink more water, though 🙁

  6. Andrea

    Great article !!! My physician told me the exact thing that eat 6-8 times a day instead of 2-3 times. The amount of total food will be same but eat less and eat many times. It will increase your digestion and can help you to loose some pounds. And also plenty of water during the day.

  7. Cindy

    This article confirms that, balanced diet with regular excercise is the key to maintaining a good healthy diet and also increase in water intake is crucial.

  8. Pauline

    Water definitely is huge part in getting the sugar out, drinking more water is the best thing you can do.

    • Cindy

      Agree, best thing is to get yourself used of carrying a bottle of water with you, you will start with small sips water and the next thing you know you drinking 2 liter a day!

  9. jacqueline powers

    I think that a lot of people take the cheat days and use them to derail their diets completely. I use a little cheat every couple of days rather than one big one once a week. I have found that a bite size candy bar works wonders for diet cravings.

  10. Pamela

    Awesome tips Olivia! Most of this makes total common sense, the problem I always have is sticking with it. Now that the summer is almost here it may be the right time to start eating better and exercising.

  11. Dannah Williams

    I really dream of having a perfect body at least close to perfection. I’ll start working out and let’s see how it works for me. Thanks for the wonderful post and I will surely visit your page again.

  12. Laura

    This post is really helpful because I have been exercising like crazy but not seeing the results I want. I realized from reading this that I need to focus more on my diet. I am going to try doing 6 smaller meals a day as you recommend and also boost my water intake. Thank you for the tips. I hope to start seeing some change in my tights and hips soon!

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