Sunday, January 17, 2021

How To Lose Tummy Fat After Pregnancy?


There can be no better feeling than being a mum. Carrying a baby for nine months in your womb is like a journey that makes you feel special and blessed. However, this journey can also add some serious fat to your belly. Post-pregnancy fat is every woman’s nightmare and though it might be stubborn and scary, it is surely beatable.

We begin by pointing out that gaining weight around belly and thighs during pregnancy is absolutely normal and natural. So don’t worry too much about getting rid of it. Nature takes care of it in its own way. As you begin to breastfeed your new-born, you automatically lose some fat around your stomach. This happens because your uterus starts to get back to its normal size. For the remaining bit around your belly, we bring some quick exercises for you.

You can start with basic crunches. Make sure that you do not over do in the beginning. Keep it simple and easy. You can also add other variations like head lifts, shoulder lifts and curl ups to your exercise regime. Pelvic tilts and simple abdominal contractions can be a great way to shed off that extra flesh around your tummy. Take some time out for a little walk to add to your stamina and to burn calories.

You can then gradually keep on adding to the difficulty level of your workout and also increase your repetitions. As your muscles will begin to gain strength and your body will get used to working out, you can also try abdominal crunches with an exercise ball. We also suggest doing some Kegel exercises for your abdomen. These exercises give strength to the pelvic muscles. All you need to do is tighten and hold the muscles that control the flow of urine. This is great way to not only add strength to your pelvic region but also reduce the risk of incontinence that usually comes with child birth. We recommend doing all these exercises under a trained professional to avoid any injury or harm.

Yoga is another great way to flatten your tummy. A right mix of asanas and pranayamas will not only take care of your mood swings but will do wonders to your body. So pack your yoga mat and head out for a yoga class and don’t forget to take a deep breath!

Now some final word on your diet. Maximize your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Go for only seasonal veggies and avoid any packed or canned food that is high in preservatives. Follow the good old advice of chewing your food properly for better digestion. Finally, say goodbye to alcohol for some time.

These are some basic yet wonderful tips that can help you get back your flat abdomen quicker than usual. Patience and consistency is the key to reaching your goal. Keep your motivation levels high and get set to become a yummy mummy.


  1. Frances

    I have been trying many things to lose weight after i had my third child last fall. I am a follower of Sophie Jones and her cleanse plans and that has begun to work for me. Although I do think that for me just cleansing is a good way to start burning off some of the excess fat on my stomach and then go onto clean eating which is another thing i learned from her plans.

  2. Tracy

    I think that right there is the secret to not keeping your belly weight after having a baby. Breastfeeding does burn off extra calories but not half as many as people think when using it as an excuse to stuff their face.
    Alcohol is another weight gainer but sometimes when you’ve had a stressful week with the kids, it’s a well deserved treat.
    I let my post baby weight sit there far too long and it is much harder to shift now I’m in my mid 30s.

  3. Faith

    I always have liked to use just having a baby as an excuse to be larger than I otherwise could be. I realize that this is not a good thing and thus shall start doing the tips that you have suggested in this post. I was never aware that yoga can actually help with weight loss. I was only aware of it helping reduce stress.

  4. Elisha

    Good tips. Unfortunately, not all of us lose as much weight when breastfeeding, but some foods that help promote the production of breast milk are good for losing weight too, like oatmeal. Going for walks is not only good for momma losing weight, but baby might enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery too – I loved taking my little one out for walks in a carrier!

  5. Elina katrina

    thanks so much for these article..i have my first baby when i was 25, After my birth was a hectic period for me due to my big belly after birth, it later get off due to the following i do.
    1. exercise.
    2. abstain from alcohol and any wine.
    3. YOGA is also a great way(as also mention in these article)…
    thanks (ELINA)

  6. Lacey

    It’s good to have some advice on this topic. I have three kids now and soon after the first I was able to fit into my regular jeans soon afterward. My other two children I have were born only two years apart and this time I have been really struggling to get my figure back.

  7. Chloe

    I managed to lose my pregnancy jiggle with the Fit yummy mummy program and I totally recommend it. The exercises are a bit challenging at first, especially if you weren’t used to be active before your pregnancy, but the results are sooo worth it. I think the system is around $40, so it’s definitely cheaper than a one-month gym membership.

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