Saturday, July 11, 2020

Luminous Angel Spiritual Healing


Spiritual healing the luminous angel way has proved to be an effective approach for many people. Some skeptics may not fully appreciate the practice, but there is some scientific backing for using the spirit for healing purposes. The first step is to understand how light and energy function.

Many people connect luminous angel way spiritual healing as an offset of religion. However, this is merely a matter of perception. The approach is reasonable whether the individual is a religious person or not. We can see evidence of this through success of some cancer patients who used alternative and complementary approaches to treat their conditions.

Spiritual Healing and Science

Science Daily released an article that explores the connection between complementary approaches and cancer survivors in High Use of Complementary Methods Found among Cancer Survivors. The article mentions alternative treatment approaches that appear to be effective in the treatment of the serious medical conditions.

Prayer and meditation are among the complementary approaches that seem to be very effective in treating cancer; at least as far as survivor rates are concerned. Spiritual healing and the luminous angel connect to science as well.

Luminous Angel

Whether you look at the luminous angel as an entity or as energy is entirely subjective. Luminous energy, also known as photometry, is how people experience light as an energy force. This may be a matter of perception but light appears to have a force. This is of particular interest to anyone practicing energy medicine, which explores energy systems within the body.

Photometry is mostly concerned with visual perception, noting that the eye can only detect light that is presented in a spectrum that is visible. This suggests that light also exists on a spectrum that is not visible. The luminous angel may not be apparent to the eye, but the energy the angel presents may be channeled for healing.

Higher Power

Some define spirituality as a recognition that a higher power exists on a level that is beyond human comprehension. When a person is spiritual, she accepts that the higher power can influence various aspects of life that exceeds the realm of possibility for non-spiritual individuals.

The illuminated angel may be considered a conduit between the energy of the higher power and the individual in need of treatment. This complementary approach is effective because it engages the person on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Developing Healing Powers

Any individual has the power to heal as long as he develops the talent. Part of the process involves unifying the body, mind and spirit in one harmonious flow of energy. A healer channels energy from the higher power to the patient, but some suggest that the patient has the ability to channel this energy through the luminous angel way.

Healing functions on a number of different levels. Some people use the approach to deal with a medical condition while others use it as a means of coping with a chronic problem that they cannot heal. Others find peace in using the approach when they reach the end of their lives.

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