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Lymphedema Certification Courses Online


Lymphedema is a disease that causes swelling in certain areas of the body, including the neck, abdomen, head, and genitalia. Many different types of health care professionals can become certified in therapies to relieve the symptoms of Lymphedema, including doctors and massage therapists. For this, you can take Lymphedema Certification Courses in many cases that are available online.

It is important to note that most of these programs will take about 135 hours to complete, but there are some basic programs that take less than 50 hours. It is also important to note that for most programs, you will have to do a combination of online instruction and classroom instruction, because lab experience is required. Training and certification is, however, available in most areas of the United States, through local hospitals and clinics, so obtaining your certification shouldn’t be too much of a hardship in terms of attending the required classes.

Through a certification program for Lymphedema, you will learn as much as possible about the disease, and the treatments that are available for it. This is very important for health care professionals who treat patients who have this disease. While the most basic of programs focuses on bandaging options and requirements for this condition, more advanced programs will delve deeper in treatment options.

Naturally, you need to already be practicing in a related health care profession in order to get this certification, and to treat patients who have Lymphedema. The more advanced programs will teach you about Lymph Drainage techniques that will be very important in the treatment of this disease.

In terms of the salary expectations for someone with this type of certification, you can expect to earn the average income for the health care profession that you are already practicing in. In most cases, you should not expect to earn more just because you have this certification.

Certification Courses Online Resources

Course Title: Lymphedema Certification Program
Company Name: Sacred Heart University
Location: 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Description: This is a continuing education program that is available for professionals who are already in the health care field. The program is available through the College of Education and Health Professions Physical Therapy Program, and is a 135 hour certification course.

Course Title: Various Lymphedema Certification Programs
Company Name: Academy of Lymphatic Studies
Location: 11632 High Street, Suite A, Sebastian, Florida, United States
Description: Through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies, you can participate in the traditional 2-week course or the Accelerated Hybrid Online Program to receive your certification.

Course Title: Integrative Lymphedema Certification Course
Company Name: Klose Training and Consulting
Location: 1369 Forest Park Circle, #101, Lafayette, Colorado, United States
Description: This is a 135 hour course which is conducted online and in the classroom. 90 hours must be spent in the classroom, and 45 hours are completed online. The classroom training is important because of the lab experience that will be gained.

Course Title: Basic MLD Certification Course
Company Name: Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy
Location: Various Hospitals and Clinics in the United States and Canada
Description: This is a basic course that provides you with the education that you require for Manual Lymph Drainage Certification. The course takes six days to complete, for a total of 48 hours of instruction.

Course Title: LDT Certification Program
Company Name: Chikly Health Institute
Location: 8912 E. Pinnacle Peak, F9-248, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Description: This company offers different levels of certification in this field. This includes the Level 1 program, which lasts for 140 hours, the Level 2 program, which lasts 160 hours, and recertification programs.

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