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Makeup Artist Schools


There are makeup schools all over the world which offer practical makeup courses, theory, studies about varying styles of makeup, history of makeup, tools used and how to care for them. Makeup artist training courses and schools can provide the opportunity for you to obtain special knowledge in specific areas, experiment and diversify in the industry. When deciding on a school check their curriculum to make sure it is up to date with the current makeup trends and fashions. Some makeup schools can even help you find employment after completion.

applying makeup

To work as a professional makeup artist you will need a high school diploma, experience in cosmetology, a terrific eye for detail, good artistic skills and if you have theater experience that is also helpful.  Experience in the industry is just as important as your education when it comes to professional development.  If possible you need to try to get in the field experience to improve your employability. Volunteering at the local community theatre is a great way to help gain experience and it really does help when trying to land a job in this field.  Check with your states film commission to try to volunteer and get involved in any productions in your area to gain experience.  With the formal education and experience in the field, paid or not paid you are furthering your professional development and this is critical to employers.

Many makeup artists and makeup designers are looking to further their formal training to improve their skills, produce better quality of their work in their fields, improve in their areas of expertise or to open more job opportunities for themselves.

There are some professional makeup schools online to study at home. These courses need to be highly visual and should include the same content as their on campus programs to be considered.

Makeup Schools Resources

Course Title: N-Y-B-S Professional Artist Course
Name of Company: NYBS Creative Arts Makeup Artist School New York
Location: 336 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018-4763, United States
Description: Learn a wide range of subjects, techniques, sensibility and indispensable knowledge for makeup artists.

Course Title: Professional Makeup Artist Training
Name of Company:  Joe Blasco Makeup Schools, Professional Makeup Artist Training
Location:  1670 Hillhurst Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027
Description: Professional makeup training for those interested in becoming make-up artists for the entertainment industry.

Course Title: Beauty Makeup Artistry
Name of Company:  Chic Studios NYC – School of Makeup Artistry
Location: 62 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Description:  Intensive curriculum teaching all the fundamentals and techniques used in makeup artistry. This course is designed for the aspiring artist or for those who want to brush up on current skills.

Course Title: Fashion & Media Make-Up Artistry Course
Name of Company: The London Make-Up Academy
Location: Brook Farm, Barby Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 8UX, UK
Description:  Advanced and comprehensive syllabus teaching every sphere of makeup artistry. Also offers career portfolio development and career planning advice to their students.

Course Title: Professional Make-Up Artistry Course
Name of Company:  Cinema Makeup School
Location: 1622 N. Highland, Hollywood, CA 90028
Description:  Combines six weeks of high fashion make-up instruction with four weeks of character make-up instruction to prepare students with the skills required to work in the film and television industry.

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