Monday, September 21, 2020

Make your mornings better: 8 slammin’ tips


I read a few years ago that the first things you do in the morning should be important. The idea is that if you do something you’re jazzed on right away, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and your day will be off to a hot-diggity-dog start. 

It’s definitely the truth. If you kick your day off in a healthy, happy, passionate and grounded way, everything after will glow with a rosy hue. Imagine that every day you build a house. The morning is your foundation. Your day will topple if the foundation is crap. So make it strong and make it good. 
8 tips for a better morning

1. A little routine
I like to wake, scrape my tongue, splash my face with cold water then drink a glass of room temperature water with half a freshly squeezed organic lemon. Morning rituals make those wee hours feel special, cherished and intentional.  I’m currently bringing home-brewed kombucha into the morning fold. I’ll keep you posted on how she settles in. 

Lemon water is the first thing I consume everyday! Alkalise, detox and revitalise the system.

2. Practice, practice, practice
If you have time for a solid hour and a half, drop it like it’s hot. If you don’t, start with what’s accessible to you. Ten minutes of simple postures, breathing, a light meditation – this will give you focus, clarity and a grounded foundation from which to dive into your daily life. Plus your physical body will be all open and nice feeling. 

3. Get creative / do the thing you love
Spend 15 minutes doing some free writing. Draw a little picture or take a photo of the morning light. Strum your guitar, go surfing – whatever gets your creative juices flowing freely and makes you feel boundless. We so often put off the things we love most. If you bring your passions to the start of your day the rest of the day will feel like a total win. Promise. 

Make little pieces of art everyday. Draw what you see out in the world.

4. Make love
Get sexy with someone in the morning. Or you know, get sexy with yourself. Whatever. It will add some pep to your step and make you all glowy. You’ll be nicer, you’ll feel nicer – it’s a big win for all involved. 

5. Fruit eater you got the best of me
The body wants light food first thing in the morning. Fruit seeds the digestive system and gets that sleepy little motor running. If you cram down something big and steamy right off the bat, chances are you’ll feel completely lethargic. Give your digestive system a chance to wake up before ingesting anything heavy. 

6. Get outside
Oh nature. You little secret that everyone seems to be forgetting. Dudes! First thing in the morning, the energy is calm and collected. Go for a walk, run, sit on your deck or in your backyard. Enjoying the breeze, the trees and the birds gives you reverence for the bigger picture, connects you with the divine and is just plain enjoyable. 

7. Natural wake-me-ups
Drinking caffeine first thing in the morning is a major no-no. I know, this sucks. But seriously, you’re giving yourself a false jolt that will get you speeding then crashing before noon. You’re better off to get exercise, meditate, eat a mango and take a sip of kombucha. It took me about 4 weeks to stop feeling totally bum-puzzled after kicking my coffee addiction but HELL YES! it’s been totally worth it. 

8. Stay away from the things that blow (Not including tip 4. Too far?)
Give yourself space in the morning. If you start the day checking email, doing chores or doing things you feel like you should do instead of want to do, you’re probably not going to be super jazzed on your day and consequently, life. Be intentional about the way you spend your morning energy. Sure, there are times when laundry and dishes are a must, but there is most often time, even if just a little, to prioritize spending a little one-on-one with the Big Kahuna, Mister Numero-Uno, the Big Cheese herself –  YOU.  

Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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