Friday, November 27, 2020

The #1 Step To Managing Your Fear Around Money


How do you begin to manage your fear and the energy that is connected with fear?

Fear pulls you into all your self-doubts and believing in your smallness, and limitations. It literally contracts you. Pulls you back into powerlessness and being a victim, thereby closing like a web around you, cutting you off from the realization of your true nature. There is a wonderful lesson in the course in miracles which goes something like, ” whenever you are suffering, it means you have made a mistake in your perception”. This simple statement is very profound and applies to everything. There is no exception.

It is so easy for us to tap into fear. In fact it is literally fed to us, via our conditioning, media, etc. Our primordial condition is fear. And fear around money is particularly gut-wrenching. But the fact is, it is “just” a feeling. Regardless of the cause, whenever you feel it, take it as a red flag, that you’re feeding your smallness and limitation.

Vision Clarity:

Have a very clear and powerful vision of what you want. I’m sure you’ve heard many success stories that started with a compelling vision – something that pulls a person forward. I seem to need a big enough and exciting enough vision to pull me into being clear about the first steps or the close-to-home actions to take. I highly recommend getting very clear. It’s easy to float along believing you have a vision when in reality you don’t. Your vision really must be clear, focused and electrifying. The clarity is about really getting detail-oriented for you.

Tip on Clarity:

Something like, ‘I want more money’ is nothing more than an unclearly spoken minor goal. I hate to be blunt about that, but it’s the lack of clarity that is like, ‘the open door’ or the ‘come on in’ for all those fears and doubts.

The more vague you are, the more room your mind has to say, ‘you can’t do that’. Your mind is going to start to ask you, ‘ how are you ever going to make that happen? I don’t believe it’s possible… Having a big and exciting enough vision will help make the steps to it clearer. Get specific. And celebrate EVERY small success. This helps orient your attention to ‘what IS working’. And remember what you focus on grows. So keep picking yourself up and re-orienting to your vision. Ask for help… either verbally or non-verbally.

Vision Feeling:

Emotions are the REAL creators, so you want to tap into the feeling of what it will be to have what you want. The more intensity of FEELING you can generate the faster you will pull to you your vision. I remember years ago reading a little book called Financial Freedom by Ramtha, at least a decade before the ‘The Secret” was published. He described the intensity of the feeling in your body as you manifest being equivalent to the intensity of orgasm. Just to give you the idea that it’s not a wishing or thinking, by a long shot.

Your vision needs to be big enough that it’s exciting but a little scary. That is the perfect place to begin to measure and check in with yourself, which is playing the bigger role – the excitement and electricity or the fear? Sometimes you don’t know what the fear is you just feel it. Take a piece of paper and write them down, just let it flow and see what comes out. Look a little deeper, e.g a fear of your business idea not being successful or making enough money, can hide a deeper fear of ‘not being enough, or ‘not being good enough’

Start with focusing on your vision, then move it from your head into your heart, and begin to move through this fear, so you can set yourself up to create a beautiful, prosperous and profitable life for yourself.

Do the Fear Processing Exercise below EVERYDAY until you no longer feel any fear and then whenever you feel fear. Remember fear is behind many other negative feelings and thoughts of limitation in any area of your life.

Vision Action Plan:

Create a vision that literally PULLS you into your future, which scares you just a bit and makes your heart flutter faster than normal whenever you read it.

Make your vision very specific, realistic and a big STRETCH (that’s what’s going to move you forward quicker than you would if you didn’t have it). Use the following categories to get started and then add any other areas of importance for you. Be sure to put lots of concrete, touchable examples and set a date that you would like to see this vision become a reality by.

Breathe deep. Let yourself imagine what you’d like to see happening in your:










Take it further…

If you’re a visual person, find photos, magazine pictures, etc, that represent your vision and put them someplace where you see them everyday.

If you’re an auditory person, create a ‘mixed tape’ (iPod mix, CD..) of songs that speak to your vision.

If you’re a culinary, create dishes with your vision in mind and literally take your vision in.

It’s up to you to create the tool that will have your vision close to your heart and feeling a reality on a daily basis.

If you think you’d benefit from personal guidance and support to discover and super-charge your inspiration into manifestation, please contact me 🙂


  1. Michele Holland

    I think the best thing to do for me is to simply get focused on my work. I not all about making money but it definitely is important and as we as women would like to be treated equally in the work place we should really ensure we earn it. We must ensure that we do work equally hard and long if we would like to be treated equally with our male colleagues. Work for me is what I when I am stressed or have fear around money.

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