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While manicures have traditionally been thought of as an indulgence for women, more and more men are finding manicures relaxing and beneficial. Manicures can be performed at a spa or nail salon. However, they can also be done at home with little cost. It promotes the health of the nail and hands and has an added benefit to the mind by allowing you to forget the day to day grind for awhile and relax. If you are not currently getting regular manicures, consider getting them done at least once per month. For both men and women, this is a great way to promote health, look and feel better.

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Benefits of Manicures

There are many benefits of getting manicures from a health perspective as well as an emotional and mental well being perspective. There are various diseases of the nail that ca occur that are preventable with regular manicures. Fungal infections, ingrown nails, misshapen nails, hard or brittle nails are among the issues that can be solved with regular hand and nail maintenance. Your nails can grow longer and stronger so there is no need for artificial nails that can damage your fingernails over time.

Keeping your nails looking healthy and strong also makes your hands look more aesthetically pleasing. Having attractive hands and nails can evoke a sense of confidence in a person that translates into all other aspects of life and daily tasks. The time it takes to get a manicure is a great way to relax and unwind. The accompanying hand massage can melt away any stress and has long lasting positive effects.

Home Manicures

While spa manicures are great, in today’s economy such a luxury may just not be within your budget. But, home manicures are a cost effective way to take advantage of all the benefits and still maintain your budget. This is also a great bonding experience between loved ones. You and your significant other can give each other manicures for an intimate time that also has long reaching health benefits.

Spa Manicures

Spa manicures, while more expensive than a home manicure, is still very affordable. Even if you regularly get home manicures, it is sometimes nice to indulge in a spa treatment occasionally as a special treat. There is no real difference between spa and home manicures aside from the fact that in a spa, professionally trained nail technicians are performing the process.

What Occurs in a Manicure?

The first thing that occurs is any old nail polish is removed and the hands are soaked and washed thoroughly then dried. The nails are trimmed and shaped per your specifications and personal preference. A cuticle conditioner is applied so that the cuticles are soft. They are then gently pushed back and any loose or dead skin is removed with the use of cuticle scissors. For men, the nails are buffed so they are well conditioned and shine. Women often get nail polish applied. Once this is dry, conditioning lotions are applied to the skin and the hand is massaged.

For men and women, this process is very relaxing. It leaves your nails healthy and strong and your hands soft and supple. It has positive health as well as aesthetic benefits. If you are currently not getting regular manicures, consider starting with either a spa or home manicure.

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