Thursday, December 3, 2020

Manifest Your Desires


Would you like to instantly manifest your desires? What holds you back from doing so? The way to connect with manifestation or brilliant surges of creativity is this: work toward increasing your vibrational frequency.

At our highest level of resonance, we are superconducting transmitters of light and information. But how do we achieve this? Part of the success in reaching this state has to do with the foods that we eat. Foods that are highly mineralized aid literally in the correct expression of DNA. Consuming water that is pure spring water, or learning how to vortex the water creates increased cell-to-cell communication.

Eating plant-based foods enable us to receive and hold light (information) in our bodies. Learn about this system and your life will have more flow, more abundance, more health and more joy.

What is the nourishment that facilitates the process of holding light within your body? The foods and superfoods that help you to raise your frequency? How can you transform your body into a crystalline superconductive matrix? How can you best activate your 12 strands of DNA? How is getting enough minerals, some which are almost unknown to most nutritionists, related to moving smoothly into new frequencies? +//3//Q-Make no mistake, though, this isn’t just higher dimensional information that has no practical meaning. Following the principles and practices described in this series will result in greater, more robust physical health, easier ability to manifest that which you want in life, an elevated level of inspiration and creativity. You will have easier access to your very own frequency of genius!

In the coming weeks we will be posting about.

  • How to decalcify and activate your pineal gland.
  • Affirmations for pineal gland activation.
  • Full DNA activation through conscious mineralization.
  • Our stolen minerals and urgent need for restoration.
  • Magic of spring water.
  • Wisdom of Victor Schauberger and vortexing water.
  • What is ORME’S?
  • Which foods are naturally high in ORME’s?
  • What can ORME’s do for your spiritual upliftment?
  • How can your cells become superconductors?
  • What are Ytrrium and Lanthanum and how are they related to ascension?
  • How can medicinal mushrooms help you to activate higher frequencies?
  • Which medicinal mushrooms are the most powerful?
  • Why is the clearing of parasites within the body so important for ascension?
  • How do enzymes activate and raise frequency?
  • Silica: Is it important for the crystalline matrix? Miracles and importance of silica.
  • Why you must maximize your intake of key minerals: boron, iodine, sulfur and more.
  • Super-Nutrition: Special foods with mystical powers that activate your lightbody?
  • What are the special tools available for energetic activation of lightbody?
  • Why fulvic acid is one of the most important substances for ascension.
  • Elixirs and tonics for activation.

Stay tuned and manifest what you want every single day!

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